Welcome back to another LT Patch Notes update. Today, we are discussing bug fixes and minor kit adjustments.

Let’s jump right in!

Character Kits

Bunny O’Hare

Bunny O’Hare’s implementation was causing crashes when paired against some specific toons. After investigating, we concluded that it is not possible for his current kit to work exactly as originally written without risk of crashing. We kept the change as narrow as possible, in order to maintain O’Hare’s playstyle and value. Top O’ the Mornin’ will now trigger when O’Hare resists anything, but only once per any toon’s turn.

  • Top O’ the Mornin’
    • OLD Version: This toon has +75% Resistance to Flip, Steal, and Scramble. Whenever this toon resists Flip, Steal, or Scramble, grant your team 2 Random Stat Up.
    • NEW Version: This toon has +75% Resistance to Flip, Steal, and Scramble. Once per turn, whenever this toon resists anything, grant your team 2 Random Stat Up.


With 36.2 our system now better differentiates between Warm-Up and Cooldown. As a result, Super Coolant now only applies to reduce its Cooldown, as was originally intended. With this, we felt the skill no longer needed the 2 turns Warm-Up, so it’s being reduced to keep it in line with its previous power

  • Ultimatum Dispatcher
    • Reduced Warmp-Up (turns before skill is available for the first time in battle) from 2 to 1.


Gothamer’s Suffer in Silence now has +100% Tenacity, guaranteeing he’ll get Silenced and thus the skill will have its intended effect.

  • Suffer in Silence
    • This skill is cast with +100% Tenacity