Partner, check out everything new with the latest update.

Version 36.2 is rolling out globally. A incremental update targeted on improving stability and solving some annoying bugs first, also squeezes in a couple of Quality of Life improvements to help you find Atoms more easily.

FIND Atoms much faster than ever with 36.2. In this example we farm 1,600+ atoms in seconds

What’s New


  • Easier to find Atoms: When out of Atoms, the game will surface places to collect toon pieces that will automatically convert to the Atoms you are looking for
  • You can now FIND character pieces for already maxed toons. Helps with Quests and farming Atoms
  • Items rewarded by Alliance R&D Achievements will now properly appear in the FIND list


  • Significantly reduced cases where the game would stop responding (Freeze or ANR)
  • Temporarily disabled “Free Gems” Tapjoy offers to measure potential negative impact on game stability
  • Error 11500 when completing battles after major in-game updates
  • Reduced cases of some high damaging toons dealing 0 damage. Let us know if you still get this
  • Wanderer Lola’s and Lebron’s eyes would sometimes glitch. Couldn’t have that
  • Improved performance on Alliance R&D Achievements Tab. Screen runs better


The following fixes will roll out as soon as everyone is on version 36.2+

  • Uncounterable attacks are now actually uncounterable
  • Fixed cases where toons would trigger skills wrongly, based on Doom Debuff in Doom Tower (ex. Nova Bunny)
  • Bosses now have a higher stat floor (70%) and ceiling (900%) than other toons