Want to have some fun with other Looney enthusiasts and grab some freebies while you’re at it? Then why not pass by our Discord Community and join the fun?

Thanks to the dedication of our multiple Maestros of Content and our Looney Ambassadors, there’s always a competition or giveaway going on!

To help all of you be more in the loop, we’re taking a moment to shine some love towards them and also creating a new dedicated area in our Discord Community so they’re always easy to find.

New Competition Plaza

We’ll be inaugurating a new category in our Discord Community: The Competition Plaza!

The new category will be host to the following channels:

  • Sweepstakes: Here you can find any giveaways being run either by our Maestros of Content or Scopely.
  • Competitions: This channel will host several regular competitions.

What to Expect

Thanks to dedicated community members, you’ll always be able to find something going on in our Competition Plaza.


If you’re looking for some sweepstakes, our Maestros of Content are constantly running giveaways on their videos, and we’ll be looking to ramp up our giveaways as well, so always keep an eye out for a chance to get your hands on some choice toon pieces and other rewards!

And if you want a little bit more of a challenge, the incomparable Suki regularly runs competitions in our Discord Community, so we’d like to take the chance to go over them and shout out a few of our favorite submissions.

Toon Design Competitions

Got a crazy toon idea bubbling? We pick a theme and you get creative! These are just for fun, but we’ve already seen some choice creations by our community.

Have a look at Avalor’s “Elmer Clown” to get the idea:

Meme Competitions

A fan favorite, so you probably know the drill. We give you an image, you add the spice, and everything nice.

Here’s one of our recent winners: Tori

Team Spirit

Here’s your chance to share the love! Nominate a player you feel has gone the extra mile and let us know why, and you’ll have a chance to get some freebies for yourself AND your nominee!

Going through them is also guaranteed to give you a fuzzy, warm feeling inside.

Fan Art

Last but not least, we have the always-impressive Fan Art competitions. We never cease to be amazed by our community submissions each competition, and if you have an artistic leaning, this might just be the place for you! 

There are far too many amazing pieces to share, but here’s a couple to peak your interest. Don’t forget to also check out our #fan-art channel! We have a ton of talented artists who are always sharing amazing stuff and helping each other out!

Nachet – Festive Season Competition Winner.

K4YLA – Thanksgiving Competition Winner

We hope you’ll come and join us for some fun and games, so if you’re up for it – Why not come say hello?