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We’ve got a new Meet the Team article for you! Remember: in these post series, we bring you members of the development team and we ask them about their roles and favorite things about the game.

Off we go!

Meet our Game Producer, Luiz

So what do you do inside the team?

As a game producer, I’ve mainly worked with the content team that makes all the amazing toons we have on our game. I’ve also recently started to work with the development team to bring you some awesome new features.

My role consists of working collaboratively with a team of designers, programmers, and artists to clearly define a features scope and our schedule. I also facilitate the collaboration between teams and solve any impediment hindering the development progress. As a manager, I maintain close and regular communication with developers to ensure they meet deadlines, objectives, and quality standards but also that the product vision is clear for the team and that everyone stays motivated. Lastly, I make sure to identify risks as early as possible to mitigate them and communicate both issues and proposed solutions.

What’s that you love about the game and the franchise?

What I love about the game are the same things that I love about the Looney Tunes Cartoons actually: the pranks! Each one of them has something unique, and they are so funny. I have been raised watching the Looney Tunes, they have been an important part of my childhood and I absolutely love this franchise!

What are you currently working on?

I cannot say sorry… but I can tell you that it’s something that will be really cool!

If you were a toon, Who would you be and why?

Speedy Gonzalez!  I like to help others and I’m a little anxious. So when I want to solve an issue, I try to do that as fast as I can, running everywhere like a character in a cartoon! It also may explain why I chose to be a producer: I really love to help the team and facilitate their lives.

What are your favorite toons in the game?

Lola Frostbane, because it was a real team effort! Everyone in the art team made part of her creation. We even had some extra tech artists helping, and managed to make one of the most amazing pranks of our game!

What are your favorite Team Compositions?

The Masterminds!

Any other thing you want to tell the community?

It’s incredible to work on this project, and I would like to thank all the players for their support and engagement.

Also, nothing would be possible without the fantastic team I am working with. I am really grateful for working with so many talented people that are as engaged as I am on this project. This team is a family, and they inspire me every day to do my best!


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