It’s been a while since our last Legendary Vote event, so to make up for the lost time, we’re upping the ante this time and allowing you to choose an entire Team to go along with it!

We’ll be running a week-long event, featuring 3 Teams selected and voted on by our Community!

You can expect a survey to hit your in-game inbox soon, allowing you to choose from a selection of 12 possible teams in the World of Mayhem so they can be featured in our upcoming event!

Here’s the full list:

  • Divine
  • Show Biz
  • Masterminds
  • Horror
  • Villains
  • Artists
  • Imperials
  • Aristocrats
  • Wrestlers
  • Samurai
  • Space Jam Shooters
  • Space Jam Dunkers

Stay tuned for more details on the event soon and keep an eye on your inbox!