What’s up, doc?

We want to give you the heads-up of all new events coming in the next two weeks to World of Mayhem. This is just a high-level overview of our event scheduler with general information on the nature of the event, as well as main featured toons. As we get closer to each event, all their details will keep on appearing in the blog so don’t forget to check it out regularly for more details!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to modify any of the dates or featured toons that you see here. We will always indicate what information has been changed with a [UPDATED] tag attached to it.

And without any further ado, let’s see what we have in store for all of you!

That’s Showbiz, Baby! (December 3rd to December 7th)

Straight from Tinsel Town comes the true star of the show: Michigan J. Frog!

This Legendary Defender will bring the true meaning of Show-biz to the World of Mayhem, with an all-new team and stunning moves!

  • Type of event: New event
  • Main Toon: Michigan J. Frog
  • Rarity: Legendary Defender
  • Other featured Toons: Sword-swalllower She-Devil, Jester Bugs, Daffy Miranda, Flamenco Prissy, Show Biz Bugs, Show Biz Daffy, El Espectro (Battle Pass Toon).

Path to Legendary Event: Evil Granny (December 6th to December 10th)

Evil Granny

Our Legendary event features Evil Granny.

Check all the info you need HERE.

Encore: Conqueror Taz & King Daffy (December 7th to December 10th)

  • Type of event: Toon Re-Runs.
  • Featured Toons: Conqueror Taz, King Daffy, Ceasar Leghorn, King Bugs Bunny, and Captain Bligh

Smooth Criminal! (December 10th to December 14th)

There’s going to be trouble, see? And it’s curtains for you! These latest troublemakers will muscle their way into the Gangster team, backing up Don Henery as an Epic Support and Epic Defender

  • Type of event: New event
  • Main Toon: Racketeer Rabbit & Baby Finster
  • Rarity: Epic Defender & Epic Support
  • Other featured Toons: Racketeer Rabbit, Babyface Finster, Don Henery, Queso Bandito, Desperado Dawg, Yosemite Sam, Bushwacker Sam, Coach Daffy.

Path to Legendary Event: Super Rabbit (December 13th to December 17th)

Super Rabbit

Our Legendary event features Super Rabbit.

Check all the info you need HERE.

Multiversal Mayhem (December 14th to December 23rd)

It’s time to play some Multiversal Mayhem! The Toon Squad Shooters will be making an appearance in an event with a twist, as to unlock each Toon Squad member you’ll have to use different incarnations of themselves!

  • Type of event: Multiverse Event
  • Main Toons: Shooter Coyote, Shooter Roadrunner, Shooter Taz, Lebron James.
  • Other Featured Toons: All Roadrunners, All Coyotes, All Taz.