Our Halloween event is rising from the grave soon, and it’s bringing new toons, a new team, and a whole bunch of activities for players of all levels to enjoy!

Rise from the Grave

Duration: 10/14/21-11/1/21

Unlock level: 6

In the dead of the night, under the dim glow of a blood moon… Ralph Wolf emerges from his coffin, ready to Snack on some sheep!

Be afraid (but not too afraid) of the horrifying Vampire Ralph!

Check out the limited-time Ghostly Graves quests in the Event Quests tab, where you can earn enough toon pieces to unlock Vampire Ralph by accomplishing various goals around the World of Mayhem, such as stealing and opening crates, leveling and tuning up toons, spinning wheels, spending energy, etc. 

Unlocking at level 6, this will be a great way to unlock one of our classic spooky toons!

Trick or Treat

Duration: 10/14/21 – 10/22/21

Unlock level: 40

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some Candy! A new Campaign will allow you to go Trick or Treating with your favorite team, to collect pieces of candy and exchange them for a chance at spooky rewards, including pieces for our brand new characters, Zombie Sam and Mummy Ralph! 

Event details:

  • Play through the “Trick or Treat!” campaign for Candy! Completing the campaign will earn you 240 pieces of candy, and each repeat stage will have a chance of dropping more.
  •  Use Candy on the EVENT “Candy Exchange” in the EVENTS Store for a Chance at 300 Zombie Sam Pieces,100 Mummy Ralph Pieces, Great Cosmic Stones, & more!
  • Opening the “Candy Exchange” will complete quests to earn you extra rewards, including Mummy Ralph and Zombie Sam Character Pieces!
  • Collecting Candy will also earn you points on the “Candy Tourney!” Leaderboard. The top prize is a Cosmic Star 7 for Zombie Sam and a Cosmic Star 7 for Mummy Ralph!

New Horror Team

With two brand-new toons rising from the grave this Halloween, we’re also putting together a new Horror Team, bringing together the spookiest characters in Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem in an all-new hair raising (and toon raising) team!

  • Zombie Sam – Legendary (New)
  • Mummy Ralph (New)
  • Vampire Ralph (Moving from Fiends to Horror)
  • Monster Foghorn (Moving from Fiends to Horror)
  • Dr Dawgstein (Moving from Masterminds to Horror)
  • Dr Frankenbeans (Moving from Masterminds to Horror)

Get all the details along with sneak-peaks on the new toons skill-set HERE.

Awaken the Dead 

The night has come and the moon is high, on this night two great undead powers collide.

From the tombs descends Mummy Ralph, and from the grave rises Zombie Sam.

Event Details:

  • Event Duration: 10/15/21 – 10/19/21
  • Unlock level: 40
  • 2 Campaigns:
    • Awaken the Dead Campaign
    • Undead Army Campaign
  • Nowhere to Run questline
  • Event Tournament
  • 2 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Mummy Ralph (New)
    • Zombie Sam (New)
    • Alchemist Frankenbeans
    • Dr. Frankenbeans.
    • Mummy Ralph
    • Gothamer
    • Phantom Le Pew
    • Ralph the Vampire
    • Countess Penelope (Battle Pass)


Play through the “Awaken the Dead” Campaign to complete quests that unlock Mummy Ralph!

  • This campaign also drops Mummy Headresss that can be exchanged in the Events store.
  • Other Rewards will include featured Toon pieces and Tune-Up Materials to power up Mummy Ralph.

Use Mummy Ralph and other Featured Toons in the “An Undead Army” Campaign to win Toon Pieces and Cosmic Star 5 for Zombie Sam!

  • This campaign also drops Tombstones, which can be used on the Tombstone Wheel for even more guaranteed Zombie Sam Pieces!

Event Exchanges

14 Mummy Ralph Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
81 Alchemist Frankenbeans Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
83 Dr. Frankenbeans Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
83 Gothamer Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
154 Phantom Le Pew Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
154 Ralph the Vampire Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
360 Monster Foghorn Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
360 Dr Dawgstein Pieces300 Mummy Headresss1000
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Mummy Headress1000
30 Mummy Ralph Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
30 Mummy Ralph Pieces100 Battle Badges10


  • Mummy Wheel: Use Golden Tickets for a chance at 500-1000 Mummy Ralph pieces and other featured Toon pieces.
  • Tombstone Wheel: Use your Tombstones to gain guaranteed Zombie Sam Pieces with a chance at 1,000 Zombie Sam pieces!


  • Event Quests: Complete Campaigns, collect materials, and featured toon pieces to complete quests that will award you with Mummy Ralph and other featured toon pieces, Cosmic Stars for featured toons, and even an exclusive title for beating the Undead Army Campaign: “The Undead Walk”
  • Nowhere to Run: Power-Up Mummy Ralph to complete the “Nowhere To Run” quests and earn Cosmic Stars, Golden Tickets, and other materials!


As usual, we’ll also have a Leader Board running, where you can earn points by engaging in the event. Whoever manages to top the ranking will also earn the exclusive title “The Mummy’s Curse”

Here are our milestone rewards so you know what to expect.

MilestonesPointsMummy Ralph PiecesGolden TicketsACME CatalogueSuperior Movie CameraFine Movie CameraMovie CameraUltimate XP PotionsUltra XP PotionsGold

As you can see, this year Halloween is coming early and is JAM PACKED with all kinds of spooky activities and haunted rewards for everyone to enjoy our favorite holidays!