Our latest Regional event is arriving, featuring select toon pieces and Tune-Up Materials from the Farm and Avalooney Regions.

This event will also be introducing Epic Gadgets for the first time!


The event will bring 4 Campaigns each with varying levels of challenge and rewards.

Main Campaign:

Consisting of 2 Chapters, the first will provide you with ample Tune-Up Materials and Atoms for both regions. The second Chapter will offer select toon pieces as rewards for each stage. This event’s select toons are:

  • Farmer Hector
  • Famer Porky
  • Scarecrow Sylvester
  • Royal Page Coyote
  • Handmaiden Granny
  • Barnyard Dawg
  • Miss Prissy
  • Ralph the Wolf
  • Chamberlain Porky
  • Pepe Le Bard
  • Witch Hazel
  • Lunar Petunia
  • Master Speedy
  • Henery Hawk
  • Mighty Angelo
  • Valkyrie Bugs
  • Sigfried Elmer
  • Sam Sheepdog
  • Foghorn Leghorn

2 Challenge Campaigns:

A challenge for our most veteran players, you will find a Challenge Campaign for each region which will award Atoms, Secret Stuff, and Gold League Medals.

Cosmic Stars Campaign:

This campaign will feature 4 chapters that will allow you to play for up to Cosmic Star 6 on the following characters:

  • Lunar Petunia
  • Master Speedy
  • Henery Hawk
  • Mighty Angelo

Premium Campaign:

You’ll be able to purchase a premium energy unlock from the store to access the event’s Premium campaign. It will offer the same exact challenge as the Main Campaign, offering you another chance to collect all first-time rewards and offering double repeat rewards for all stages.


This event will feature 2 wheels, the Regional wheel and for the first time the Epic Gadget Wheel!

  • Regional Wheel: Due to popular request, we’ve removed the cosmic stone rewards, providing you better chances at obtaining Secret Stuff, Vials, Superior materials, and golden League Medals. There’s also a chance to get Gadget wheel tickets!
  • Gadget Wheel: This wheel will feature gadgets from the 2 new sets, and its Jackpot includes an Epic Gadget. You’ll be able to earn Gadget Wheel Tickets through the Regional Wheel, Milestone and Quest rewards.


Quests will reward you for completing the event campaigns with various rewards including Regional Energy, Regional Wheel Tickets, Gadget Tickets, Atoms, and Gold.

You will also be receiving your Cosmic Star rewards from the Cosmic Campaign via quest rewards, so don’t forget to claim them!


Collecting materials and spinning the Regional Wheel will earn you points towards the Regional Tournament. The top rank rewards will be a 7 CS and 6 CS Lunar Petunia upgrade!

As you progress throughout the event, you’ll also be able to earn the following milestone rewards:

MilestonesPointsGadget Wheel TicketsDirect CS RewardsRegional Wheel TicketsRegional EnergyHector the Devil piecesMiss Prissy piecesChamberlain Porky piecesFarmer Petunia piecesGold
210,0001CS Scarecrow Sylvester1502525253010000
420,0001CS Handmaiden Granny1603030303520000
630,0002CS Barnyard Dawg1603535354030000
850,0002CS Pepe Le Bard2804040404540000
10750003CS Ralph Wolf21004545455050000
11950003CS Miss Prissy315050505075100000
121200004CS Devil Dog4200100100100150200000