The team has been hard at work re-adapting our new Regional Format based on your feedback on the first version.

Overall, the format will remain the same, but we’ve substantially increased and tweaked the rewards on all fronts.

So let’s review our upcoming changes to give you a better understanding of what to expect.

Regional Energy

We’ve reduced by 50% the cost to refill your Regional Energy, the refresh rate remains the same and it will still be required for the Main, Premium, and Challenge campaigns.

Main Campaign

The Main Campaign will still be your main source for Tune-Up Materials and Toon Pieces.

Overall Changes:

  • Tune-Up requirements have been removed for all Chapters.
  • The difficulty level has been reduced.

Chapter 1:

The Rewards will focus on Tune-Up Materials.

  • Rewards have been increased all-round for both first-time and repeat rewards.
  • The final Act will award Atoms (for both regions), Secret Stuff, and Gold League Medals.

Here are the first-time rewards for completing the final act as an example:

StageRegional Energy CostForest AtomsTasmania AtomsSecret StuffGold League MedalsGoldLarge Xp Potions

Repeat rewards for all stages of the final act will consist of a chance at a regional ticket and 4,000 gold

Chapter 2:

Will focus on awarding Toon Pieces for select toons.

  • Rewards for both first-time and repeat rewards increased across the board.
  • New final Act which will also include Legendary Ninja Ralph pieces as a reward.
  • Select toons included in this event are:
    • Scout Sylvester
    • Scout Foghorn
    • Scout Leader Granny
    • Elmer Fudd
    • Marvin Fudd
    • Fishercat Sylvester Jr.
    • Bellboy Daffy
    • Curator Porky
    • Professor Prissy
    • Tazmanian She-Devil
    • Contraptionist Egghead
    • Bugs Bunny
    • O’Mike
    • Captain Bligh
    • The Sea-Devil
    • O’Pat
    • Ninja Ralph – Legendary

Premium Campaign

Will mirror the changes of the main campaign and still offer another chance to collect the first-time rewards and double the repeat rewards.

Challenge Campaign

Our players enjoyed the challenge so we have not touched the difficulty or requirements.

Rewards have been reworked and will now focus on providing Atoms (for the appropriate region), Secret Stuff, Cosmic Stones and Gold League Medals.

  • Chapter 1 will offer Atoms, Secret Stuff and Gold League Medals.
  • Chapter 2 will offer Cosmic Stones and Great Cosmic Stones
  • Chapter 3 is the greatest challenge and offers a selection of rewards.

Here’s an example of the last Chapter to give you a better understanding:

StageRegional Energy CostGreat Cosmic StonesCosmic StonesAtoms (Forest or Tasmania)Secret StuffGold League MedalsGoldLarge XP Potions

Repeat rewards for all stages of the final act will consist of a chance at a regional ticket and 7,500 gold

Cosmic Stars Campaign

The 6 Cosmic Stars are back! You’ll be able to earn up to 6 Cosmic Stars for each featured character by completing the campaigns. For this event you’ll be able to power up:

  • Tasmanian She-Devil
  • Contraptionist Egghead
  • O’Mike
  • Bugs Bunny

Regional Wheel

We’re changing the Jackpot reward from greater Cosmic Stones, to a chance for 200-400 Fine Vials.


Our tournament rewards are also receiving some love. Rank rewards will award more Regional tickets (up to 50 for first place!) and we’re adding some juicy Cosmic Star Rewards, as you’ll be able to earn 7CS O’Mike for 1st place, and 6CS O’Mike for 2nd or 3rd place.

Milestone rewards have also been reworked:

MilestonesPointsDirect CS RewardsRegional TicketRegional EnergyMarvin Fudd PiecesConcierge Elmer PiecesBellboy Daffy PiecesScout Leader Granny PiecesGold
210,0001CS Scout Leader Granny1202525253010000
420,0001CS Concierge Elmer1303030303520000
630,0002CS Marvin Fudd1403535354030000
850,0002CS Bellboy Daffy2504040404540000
10750003CS Marvin Fudd2604545455050000
11950003CS Concierge Elmer38050505075100000
121200004CS Bellboy Daffy4100100100100150200000

We hope these changes will make for a more rewarding and enjoyable experience and you’ll be able to check them out yourself on 10/12 when the new Forest & Tasmania Regional returns next week!