While the team is hard at work on the new Regionals, a Triple Threat descends upon the World of Mayhem!

In this new Limited Time Event you’ll be able to put 3 Teams to use, bashing it out to see who comes up on top: Heroes, Villains & Divine! 

Event Overview:

  • Event Duration: 3 days / 10/5/21 – 10/8/21
  • Unlock level: 20
  • Featuring: Heroes Team, Villains Team, and Divine Team.


This event will feature 3 Daily Campaigns:

  • Day 1: The Divine Rule – Use the Divine team to earn Heroes team pieces.
  • Day 2: Justice For All – Use the Heroes team to earn Villains Team pieces.
  • Day 3: Evil Steals The Cake – Use the Villians team to earn Divine Team pieces.

And 1 Challenge Campaign:

  • The Triple Team Challenge – Use all 3 teams in this top-tier challenge to earn the much-requested Desert materials and up to 112,500 Desert atoms!

Throw-down Wheel

Use black tickets on the Throwdown wheel for guaranteed featured toon pieces.


A series of quests will be available throughout the event:

  • Daily Quests: a new set will appear each day, awarding featured toon pieces and gold
  • Main Quests: available throughout the event and awarding TU Materials, gold, and illudium.
  • Challenge quest: Awards an exclusive title for completing the Challenge Campaign!


Players will also be able to compete in level-bracketed leaderboards to earn featured toon pieces, gold tickets, an additional title, and more!

Featured toons:

Anubis K-9


Evil Granny

Henery Horus

Hermes Road Runner

Athena Petunia

Presto Pig

The Flaming Succotash

Super Coyote

Nova Bunny

Supersonic Hopper

The Rapthcallion

Featured Exchanges:

This event will not offer tokens to exchange for pieces but will give you a chance to exchange Gold tickets for Black Tickets used in the Throwdown Wheel.

1 Black Ticket3 Golden Tickets4
1 Black Ticket5 Golden Tickets25