While on vacation, Porky inadvertently played around with the supernatural forces locked in his mask that ended up causing him to serve as a proxy to a spiritual shaman. With the best intentions, Porky is now bent on crushing the villains who terrorize the world and the Toons who inhabit it.

Event Overview:

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 3 Campaigns:
    • Featured Toons Campaign
    • Main Campaign
    • Challenge Campaign
  • Pig Kahuna Questline
  • Solo Tournament
  • 1 Wheel
  • Featured Toons:
    • The Pig Kahuna
    • Ronin Canasta
    • Fair Lady Melissa
    • Witchdoctor Hazel
    • Contraptionist Egghead
    • Witch Hazel
    • Devil Dog
    • K-9000


This event will feature three Campaigns.

Featured Toons Campaign: “Looney Kahuney”

  • Use this campaign to unlock toons needed for obtaining The Pig Kahuna
  • Unlock Team:
    • Witchdoctor Hazel
    • Contraptionist Egghead
    • Witch Hazel
    • Devil Dog

Main Campaign: “The Pig Luau!”

  • Use the unlock team and Kahuna Lei Energy to UNLOCK The Pig Kahuna!
  • Farm for Kahuna Masks, toon pieces, and other materials to RANK-UP and TUNE-UP The Pig Kahuna!
  • Kahuna Masks can be used towards special event exchanges

Challenge Campaign: “Hula Time!”

  • Test your limits in this campaign for those looking for a greater challenge
  • Awards Cosmic Stones, Great Cosmic Stones, and Kahuna Masks

Event Exchanges

14 The Pig Kahuna Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
25 Fair Lady Melissa Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
154 Witchdoctor Hazel Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
49 Contraptionist Egghead Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
360 Witch Hazel Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
360 Devil Dog Pieces300 Kahuna Masks1000
1 Kahuna Lei Energy165 Kahuna Masks5
30 The Pig Kahuna Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
50 The Pig Kahuna Pieces100 Battle Badges10


Event Quests:

  • Complete the Campaign, collect Toon Pieces & Materials, and Kahuna Masks throughout the event.
  • Awards Toon Pieces, Kahuna Masks, Gold Tickets, and more!

“The Pig Kahuna” questline:

  • Power up The Pig Kahuna to receive up to Cosmic Star 4!


Participate in the tournament by completing event quests, using campaign energy, and collecting toon pieces and materials

Milestone Rewards

MilestonesPointsPig Kahuna PiecesGold TicketContraptionist Egghead PiecesWatering CanCampaign energy