We have a new round of patch notes for our latest update which will be available for download today! 

These changes will also include the community requested changes to M4RV1N’s kit, including a buff to his base stats, as our community had suggested he fell a bit short (no pun intended) compared to other defensive toons.

K-9 will also be receiving M4RV1N’s old passive to his kit to ensure you still have it in your arsenal in case you still want to add it into the mix.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions shared, and make sure to keep them coming!




  • Dual-Theme
    • M4RV1N is now both a Cyber AND a Mastermind!
  • Stats buffed
    • Def and Spd increased by 10%
    • HP increased by 15%
    • Atk increased by 5%
  • Debug now works for both Cyber and Mastermind team members.
    • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, flipping 2 debuffs on each Cyber or Mastermind team member.
  • Control the Grid now grants buffs to Cyber and Mastermind allies.
    • Gain Taunt and 5 Defense Up for 2 turns, inflicting all enemies with 3 Attack Down for 2 turns and granting all Cyber or Mastermind allies 2 Piercing Up for 2 turns.
  • M4RV1N now has friendships with all K-9s, Cyber and Mastermind toons.


  • Martian’s Best Friend now inflicts enemies with resistance to Attack Up.
    • While this Toon is in battle, enemies have +100% resistance to Attack Up. At the start of this toon’s turn, grant all allies 10% Turn meter and all Marvin allies Speed Up.


  • EGGH34D
    • Fixed Race for Time stacking effects.
  • Cannonball Coyote
    • Fixed Selfish Spectacle levels 3, 4 and 5 only triggering when enemies Taunt.

-Toon Design Team