We’re giving our Regional events a make-over! 

In the past, regional events were more focused on offering older toon pieces. As your rosters are getting deeper and with the latest additions to our game, there seems to be a greater need for Tune-up Materials. So, to help balance things out a bit, we’re shifting the focus of our Regional events to offer more Regional Tune-Up Materials, while still offering select toons each week. We’re also streamlining the event, so all rewards will be offered directly through the campaign and quests, so you won’t need to spend your time clicking in the event store to claim your rewards.

Furthermore, the new regional events will cover 2 Regions, allowing you to power up a wider range of useful characters.

New Campaigns

Each event will feature 4 Campaigns. These campaigns will use Regional Energy instead of Campaign Energy. It will have a cap of 150, regenerate 10 energy per 100 minutes and more can be purchased with gems.

  • Main Campaign:
    The Main Campaign will be your main source of Tune-Up Materials and select Toon Pieces. We’ve also done away with the regional tokens, so you’ll be gaining your rewards through the campaign directly, instead of having to click multiple times to redeem them in an event store.
  • Premium Campaign: It will be unlocked by purchasing the Premium Unlock Energy from the store and will offer the same Main Campaign but with double the rewards! And yes, you’ll get another set of first-time completion rewards and double repeat rewards.
  • 2 Regional Challenge Campaigns: 1 for each featured region. You’ll be able to use any toons for that region and it will reward higher rarity Tune-Up materials as a reward.

New Regional Wheel

A new wheel is being introduced to our Regionals. To pull on the regional wheel, you’re going to need Regional Tickets. These are rewarded by Event Quests and Tournament Milestones and will award you for completing the campaign chapters.

The new Regional Wheel will drop rare Tune-Up Materials and Great Cosmic Stones amongst other rewards.

Cosmic Campaign

The Cosmic Campaign will remain, offering direct Cosmic Star upgrades for 4 select toons each week, with 2 from the first region and 2 from the second region.

It will consist of 4 chapters, one for each toon, and fully completing each chapter will award you with a guaranteed 4 Cosmic Stars for that toon via quest rewards.

Spotlight events will be taking a quick break while we introduce you to the new Regionals, but they’ll be back before you know it, so don’t worry. They’re not gone for good!

You’ll be able to get a taste of the new Regional event as early as next week, with our maiden event featuring the regions City & Desert. We hope you enjoy the new format and that it helps you raise more of your tunes to the coveted rank 45!