This week’s Team Spotlight focuses on Imperials! You’ll win by going first and holding a big tempo advantage, punishing anyone who tries to slow you down in the process. You’ll also steal your opponent’s buffs and unleash massive attacks on them!

Venture into the “Team Spotlight: Imperials!” Campaign to use and master this great lineup and add it to your roster!

Event Duration: 3 Days

This Team Features:

-King Daffy
-Conqueror Taz
-King Bugs Bunny
-Caesar Leghorn

Spotlight Details:

-Trade Golden Tickets for Black Tickets through event exchanges!

-Use Black Tickets on the “Spotlight” Wheel to earn “Team Spotlight: Imperials” pieces.

-Redeem PREMIUM Quest Rewards for spinning the Spotlight Wheel, now including DIRECT COSMIC STAR PROMOTIONS!

-Practice using your team through battles in a mini-campaign and grab some Tune-Up Tickets and XP Potions in the process!


Farm Regional Event + Cosmic Side Event

Come explore the World of Mayhem’s hidden treasures with the regional Farm Toons to obtain special event materials used in exchanges for Farm Toon Pieces, Farm Tune-Up materials, and more!

General Highlights:

Min Level: 40 

Event Duration: 4 Days 

-One Farm Campaign

-One Cosmic Stars Farm Campaign 

-One Farm Tournament 

-One Event Wheel 

This event will feature one main Farm! Campaign where players can collect Shovels used in exchanges for materials needed to level up, tune up, and rank up your Farm Toons as well as exchanges for Farm Toon Pieces. A side Cosmic Farm Event gives players the opportunity to participate in a Cosmic Stars Campaign featuring Egghead Jr, Foghorn Leghorn, Sam Sheepdog, and Hillbilly Hare to play up for Cosmic Star 6! 

The Farm Tournament also gives additional opportunities to get special regional materials, gold, and XP!