Barrelhawk Henery takes his place in the crow’s nest, little spyglass and sextant at his side, ready to navigate his crew through battle! 

Barrelhawk Henery brings improved support and healing to the new Pirates team, although he’s still treacherous and dramatic enough to defend any of his crew, ship, or booty!

Event Duration:

4 days

Featured Toons:

Barrelhawk Henery

Sea Goin’ Sam

Cannoneer Canasta

Marvin the Marvelous 

Fireman Bugs

Supersonic Hopper

General Highlights: 

  • Min level: 40 
  • This event will introduce Barrelhawk Henery, as well as Team Pirates. 
  • There is 1 main campaign, 1 featured toons campaign, and a wheel that offers Barrelhawk Henery and featured toon pieces.
  • Bandanas can be used for special event exchanges, and Pirate Scope Energy is the unique energy needed to play through Chapters 1 and 2 of the Barrelhawk Henery Main Campaign. 

Campaign Highlights: 

  • Main Campaign: X Marks the Spot
  • Bring the required 4 star Unlock Team (Sea Goin’ Sam, Cannonner Canasta, Marvin the Marvelous, and Supersonic Hopper), to unlock Barrelhawk Henery in this Campaign! With the newly acquired Barrelhawk Henery on your team continue to get rank-up and tune-up pieces required for this toon! 
  • Featured Toons Campaign: Climbing the Crow’s Nest
  • Bring any toon, and featured event toons to obtain pieces for the Featured Toons (4 star unlock team) required to unlock Barrelhawk Henery! 

Event Quest Highlights: 

  • Collect Featured Event Toon pieces and Superior regional Materials to earn Golden Tickets, Bandanas, campaign energy, and more!
  • Complete “X Marks the Spot” battles to earn more campaign energy, special materials, and Golden Tickets! 
  • With the ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’ ranked quests tune-up, rank up, level up, and battle in the ‘Rank Up!’ stages of the ‘X marks the Spot’ Campaign to earn up to Cosmic Star 5 for Barrelhawk Henery!

Tournament Highlights:

  • Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!
  • In the milestones, you’ll obtain Barrelhawk Henery pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Tune-Up Materials, and more!