Once upon a time, there was a fair lady. She waited, locked away in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love’s first kiss. Many a noble knight, romantic royal, and masked musketeer have all tried to rescue her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. Until…

Come witness the unlikely love story between the new Aristocrat, Fair Lady Melissa, and the legendary Lunar Toro!

Good Team Combinations with this Toon:

Fair Lady Melissa
Countess Penelope
Grand Duke Sylvester
Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr

Event Duration: 4 Days

Featured toons:

Countess Penelope

Lunar Toro

Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.

Grand Duke Sylvester.

Fair Lady Melissa

Marvin the Marvelous

Athena Petunia

Henry Horus

General Highlights:

  • Min Level: 40
  • This Event Will Feature 1 main campaign, 1 Legendary campaign, and 1 challenge campaign
  • Red Hats can be used towards special event exchanges
  • Use Love Letter Energy to battle for Legendary Lunar Toro pieces
  • Use White Bows on the Bow Wheel to win even more Lunar Toro pieces!

Campaigns Highlights:

  • Main Campaign: Mind Your Manners – Bring Any Toon and Featured Event Toons and battle to unlock and rank-up Fair Lady Melissa, and earn Red Hats!
  • Legendary Campaign: Letters to Toro – Bring Fair Lady Melissa and use Love Letter Energy to battle for Lunar Toro pieces and White Bows! Farm it for even more White Bows! The tougher the stage, the more you can farm!
  • Challenge Campaign: ‘The Aristocrats Challenge’ – Bring ONLY Countess Penelope, Fair Lady Melissa, Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr., and Grand Duke Sylvester into this campaign to collect Cosmic Stones, Great Cosmic Stones, Golden Tickets, and Red Hats!

Event Quest Highlights:

  • Collect Featured Event Toon pieces and Superior regional Materials to earn Golden Tickets, Red Hats, campaign energy, and more!
  • Complete “Letters to Toro” battles to earn Great Cosmic Stones, more Love Letter Energy to farm with, and Lunar Toro’s Cosmic Star 5!
  • Power-up Fair Lady Melissa to earn Great Cosmic Stones, Golden Tickets, even MORE Love Letter energy, and up to Cosmic Star 5 for Fair Lady Melissa!

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

  • Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!
  • In the milestones, you’ll obtain Fair Lady Melissa pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Tune-Up Materials, and more!