If you like completing full teams for a great value, don’t miss our new Battle Pass featuring the Divine team, available from June 10th to July 8th

Featured Toon:


Anubis K-9 (Premium track)
Hermes Road Runner (Free track)
Athena Petunia (Free track)
Henery Horus (Free track)

General Highlights:

– Min Player Level: 20

– Completing both daily quests each day will earn you one tier in the Battle Pass!

– Reach Tier 30 on both tracks (Free and Premium) and you will have the entire Divine team unlocked!

– Unlock Battle Badges in both tracks of the Battle Pass to exchange in the shop for toon pieces or upgrades on the featured Battle Pass toon!

– If you purchase the Battle Pass at $19.99 you will unlock Premium Tier rewards + the ALL-NEW Battle Wheel!!– If you purchase the Ultra Battle Pass Pack at $49.99 you will unlock premium track rewards + 20 tiers + the ALL-NEW Battle Wheel!

– You can accelerate your progression by purchasing Tiers in the Battle Pass shop. 

Introducing the ALL-NEW Battle Wheel and Battle Tickets:

We are removing the Battle Pass Crate and replacing it with the new Battle Wheel.

– Starting at Battle Pass premium unlock, you will be able to spin the Battle Wheel for 3 Battle Tickets and acquire featured Battle Pass toon pieces!

– Earn Battle Tickets by completing the last weekly quest of all 4 weeks.

– The Battle Pass Premium track contains 5 spins worth of tickets.

– In the Wheel, you can find various amounts of pieces for each of the Divine toons and could hit a JACKPOT of up to 1200 pieces for Anubis K-9!