Wherein scoundrels quiet the saloon and old shenanigans expire.

These changes will be applied to the game shortly.

Themes & Relationships

Introducing scoundrels.

Evil Granny’s rise to villainy leaves no room in that theme for the merely nefarious, so we created a new theme to round up these scoundrels, elevating Ronin Canasta as its Legendary leader. Scoundrels add raw damage to Damage Over Time synergy, leaving revive-based control strategies to the villains.

The following toons will be scoundrels:

  • Ronin Canasta
  • Nasty Canasta
  • Black Knight Sam
  • Devil Dog
  • Witch Hazel
  • Witchdoctor Hazel
  • Witch Lezah
  • Mr. Sam

All toons listed gained a Friendship with scoundrels.

Toon Kits

Ronin Canasta
  • *NEW* Hungry Blade (Leadership Passive)
    • While this toon is in battle, scoundrel team members have +5% Attack for each Damage Over Time on their targets.
  • Death Sentence (Passive):
    • For each scoundrel team member, this toon has a 25% chance to Stun enemies, inflicting 2 Damage Over Time, whenever they reach 8 or more Damage Over Time and aren’t Stunned.

Damage Over Time is slow, but what if it wasn’t? Hungry Blade gives scoundrels an aggressive, go-for-the-throat playstyle. We know Death Sentence is a mouthful now, but it’s important to preclude oppressive interactions with Evil Granny and friends, so for gameplay health, we’re limiting this skill’s full power to the scoundrels team.

Petunia Pig

  • The Bad Boys (Passive):
    • Whenever a scoundrel, outlaw, or monster attacks, grant your team Attack Up and gain 15% Turn Meter.

Black Knight Sam

  • Floating Blade (Basic Attack):
    • Deal 100% damage to target enemy with +25% Critical Chance for each scoundrel team member on the battlefield.

Witchdoctor Hazel

  • Spirit Tether (Passive):
    • While this toon is on the battlefield, all scoundrel allies have +20% Attack.

Scarecrow Sylvester

  • Spooky (Passive):
    • While this toon is in the battlefield, all enemies have -5% Speed for each Farm team member.

Don’t think of this as a nerf but the conclusion of a gift: Speed is the most important stat in turn-based RPGs, and it’s unreasonable for a Common to have removed so much of it, without qualification, for simply existing in battle. This skill had to go — a long time ago — and we permitted it with thoughtful neglect because it never quite became a problem. Interactions with the new toon Apprentice Hugo, however, are clearly degenerate, and so the end of Scarecrow Sylvester’s inexplicable spoopiness is finally here. It retains its full power, however, on all-Farm teams, which we hope to enable with toons like Big Chungus, and others to come.

Daffy Miranda

  • Sizzling Samba (Passive):
    • Whenever an artist ally hits one or more enemies, grant them 3 Dodge Chance Up and 10% Turn Meter.

— Leopold