What’s up, doc?

Please find here the last batch of toon balancing changes, which is slated to arrive in World of Mayhem next week (around June 15th). This patch moves a number of toons from the heroes tag to the newly-created knights tag, adjusting their abilities to better function as a team. It also applies a handful of unrelated fixes across the board.

Let’s check this out!


The following toons are now knights:

  • Bugs the Brave
  • Elmer the Sure
  • Sylvester the Brash
  • (Plus Foghorn the Invincible, of course)
  • Bugs the Brave
    • Walls of the Citadel (New leadership skill)
      • At the start of this toon’s turn, if it has Taunt and isn’t incapacitated, double the Defense Up on all knight allies.

Like Hippety Hopper before him, it’s Bugs the Brave’s turn to lead a theme tag to glory. Knights are all about Defense Up (tied together with Tweety the Twue, who gallops toward release), so their champion takes that wall and doubles its height.

  • Sylvester the Brash (Rework)
    • Rallying Strike (New basic attack):
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, granting 15% Turn Meter to the ally with the lowest Speed.
    • Breakneck Lance:
      • Deal 140% damage to target enemy, granting your team 20% Turn Meter. This has +5% Critical Damage for each Defense Up on your team.
      • Cooldown reduced from 3 to 2
    • Full Tilted:
      • Whenever an enemy dodges or gains Taunt, gain 3 Attack Up and inflict that enemy with Deny Dodge.
    • Jeering Crowd:
      • This toon has +25% Attack and +100% Critical Chance.

Brash was originally designed to fight against the other knights, so riding together meant overhauling his kit. He’s still a speedy, crit-driven lancer, but now he should provide more reliable value — especially with other knights — and help pin down pesky dodge-based enemies.

  • Elmer the Sure
    • Point Placement (New basic attack):
      • Deal 110% damage to target enemy, ignoring dodge.
    • Armored Assault:
      • At the start of this toon’s turn, it gains Attack Up for each Defense Up on it.

Armored Assault” is now bug-free and more powerful, and “Point Placement” joins Brash in telling dodge-based enemies to hold still.

  • Foghorn the Invincible
    • Besiege This:
      • Whenever this toon gains one or more Defense Up, if it isn’t incapacitated, heal for 10% Max Health.
    • Shield Clobber:
      • Deal 130% damage to target enemy, removing 20% Turn Meter plus an extra 5% for each Defense Up on this toon.

“Besiege This” makes “Invincible” a bit more Invincible, and “Shield Clobber” drains enemy Turn Meter more reliably.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Lola
    • Chatterbox:
      • At the end of each enemy’s turn, if this toon is Silenced, it has a 50% chance to cleanse itself of all debuffs and gain 5 Attack Up.

Fixed a bug that was causing this skill to trigger constantly, adding extra Attack Up as compensation. Lola should now better fulfill her role as a hard-counter to Silence.

  • Barkeep Sheepdog
    • Sarsaparilla:
      • Heal the team member with the lowest Health to full, granting them 3 Stat Ups for 4 turns.

An engine-level bug fix caused this skill to stop seeing its owner, which we restored.

  • Referee Foghorn
    • Take a Seat, Son:
      • Deal 85% damage to all enemies with a Yellow Card. Heal the team member with lowest health for 75% heal-power.

An engine-level bug fix caused this skill to stop seeing its owner, which we restored.

  • Reindeer Road Runner
    • Nimble Hooves:
      • At the start of each Silenced enemy’s turn, gain Dodge Chance Up and inflict them with 4 Attack Down.

Fixed a bug that prevented the old version of this skill from scaling correctly, adding a new Attack Down debuff for added power.

And that’ll be all, folks!