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Welcome to the world of our awesome content creators. In these series, we want to share with you the work and stories behind some of our amazing Maestros of Content.

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Meet HeeyVids!

Ok, so what’s your YouTube channel all about?

Hey there everyone! My name is Aaron and I love videogames! As such, HeeyVids is a Spanish-speaking YouTube channel where you can find vlogs, gameplay videos, livestreams and guides – I play a little of everything, from RPGs to shooters. I intend to make my channel a place where we can all meet and have fun with our favorite videogames.

Why did you become a youtuber?

I started making videos on YouTube because I’ve always enjoyed the beats of video editing and I quite like the idea of creating content on games I like and share it with the rest of the world. This is about creating communities and helping others who want to improve together in a game. In these last 3 years, I’ve met really nice people because of this hobby and my plan is to continue for years to come.

I have a blast reading the comments of all my followers and visitors (I call them “bros”). I try answering each one of their comments and I like sending them regards and bringing them into the spotlight in my videos. In the end, they are also a good driver to keep on creating content.

HeeyVids with his regular setup

What’s that you like about World of Mayhem?

What I enjoy is the design of the toons and all their skill sets, animations and so on. Turn-based RPGs are probably one of my preferred genres and I’ve been an avid Looney Tunes fan since I was a kid. When I saw World of Mayhem during its pre-registration phase, I knew I had to try it and bring it to the channel. It remains one of my top favorites.

Any top looney teams you wanna share with us?

My subscribers know I use this team a lot: Gossamer, Daffy Hood, Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. These four toons work very well together thanks to their relationship links and have two AoE attacks with Bugs and Daffy, as Gossamer protects the front and Porky heals it.

Another team composition I use quite a lot is the following: Ralph the Vampire, Monster Foghorn, Dr. Dawgstein and Coyote.

Anything you wanna add before you keep on creating?

If you arrived this far, thanks for reading, bros! ;D Thanks for being so awesome and see you in World of Mayhem!

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