What’s up, doc?

As you remember, a few days ago we asked you guys to send us any player stories you’d like to share with the World of Mayhem community. Thanks to everyone who did! We want to start bringing some of these to the blog in our Player Stories series so you’ll find more like these in the following days.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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“I can say that in this strange and trying times, I have seen here much more than a game and a simple Alliance. I have seen people from different places interested in knowing how it was for the rest of us: how the situation with our countries was and how were we coping with it.

It was nice to see the interest of people who don’t even know each other. We became even more united at that moment. In the end, you almost feel like friends while sharing advice and information. I don’t personally know anyone in my Alliance because we come from different parts of the world. And another good thing: my English has improved as I have to use it to talk to them and understand what they write!”.

Maestro of Mayhem Luigi

“I haven’t had the chance to meet any of our mates in real life but the chat is always full of messages: we talk about strategies, tell jokes, share personal triumphs, sad throughs, and everything they have to tell. We read and support each other. Thanks for all these moments and jeep them coming.”

“Playing Looney Tunes World of Mayhem has definitely helped me pass the time during this pandemic, but it also inspired me to draw the Looney Tunes again – so I created this Bugs and Daffy quarantine-themed illustration. Check it out! #cartoonsinquarantine”

Maestro of Mayhem Jacob

“Hey there, I’m a nurse working in Mexico City. We are traversing through some very stressful times over here, so I play World of Mayhem to evade myself whenever I can. The situation is dire, but we are coming out of it victorious. Greetings to all of you!”

This game has been a great bonding time with my 5-year-old son. He has the game on his tablet, and I have it on my phone. And we play every evening. I will play mine, and he will play his. Then we will switch. He really enjoys this game, as well as I do. Thank you guys for such a great game!”

“I am a social butterfly who is now a retired vet (read as 40+ years old) and a borderline hermit due to injury BEFORE COVID-19 who has played this game since DAY ONE. I LOVE the nostalgia this game induces. LOL, I am now a complete shut-in, and my phone is failing to run IT properly, but my alliance in THIS GAME has kept me sane. They feel like distant relatives that I can FINALLY MEET after hearing OF THEM for so long.

I pray daily for the world to recover and move forward with a newfound resilience and determination for global peace, understanding, and acceptance of the value of EVERY HUMAN LIFE. :D”

“My alliance… where do I even begin! Ever since I joined, they’ve always been there to back me up as I back them up in return, encourage each other when times get tough and are always there when we need each other.

While I’ve never met my fellow alliance members in real life, there may be an opportunity where I run into one of them someday. There could be a strong pirate ship, a weak pirate ship, or anything in between, but as long as we’re able to put our heads together and stay healthy, I know for a fact that we’ll pull through. Stay strong, everybody!”

Maestro of Mayhem Dragonzball2