What’s up, doc?

Some of our Forest toons are getting a rework in the following days/weeks so you may notice some of their skills changed. Check this out!

Elmer Fudd

Ever since our first toon rework, the community has been knocking down our door for Elmer Fudd’s. This poor bumbling hunter has always been sub-par, so without changing his rarity (a can of worms), we will elevate his kit to stand stronger, hit harder, and tie together hunters as a theme.

We will increase damage, reduce cooldowns, and incorporate hunters in a flavorful, aggro-sustaining way. Elmer Fudd will always be a bit bumbling, but these changes should find that bumbling a place.

His new kit is as follows:

NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
Bwam BwamBasic Attack0 Hit target enemy 2x for a total of 114% damage.
Pwotector Stance Special Attack2Gain Taunt and 3 Defense Up for 2 turns, granting 2 Attack Up to all Hunter team members for 2 turns.
WicochetSpecial Attack1Deal 150% damage to target enemy, healing for 60% Attack.
Hunting SeasonPassiveHunters on your team have +75% Lifesteal against rabbits and birds
Pellet SprayPassiveThis toon’s attacks inflict 1-2 Critical Chance Down for 2 turns.
ProtectorPassiveWhile Taunting, this toon has +35% Defense.

The Scouts

We want to give new players a tighter, more engaged grasp on team-building and for that, we need more cohesive teams available at early levels. Enter the Scouts, who’ve always looked like the same troop but never played like a real team. Here’s what we will do:

  • Everyone will receive a new, upgraded basic attack.
  • The boys will call each other out by name on their starting skills, buffing the other to do what he does best.
  • Scout Sylvester’s starting skill will have a new cooldown of 2, instead of 3, which was always a bit bunch for the effect.
  • Scout Leader Granny will tie them all together, buffing the boys with extra heals on her starting skill.
  • Granny’s Max Health-boosting passive, Friend of the Forest, will hit rabbits as well, since Bugs Bunny will likely be this team’s 4th member for the duration of its usefulness.

New skills for Scout Foghorn:

NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
WhackBasic Attack0Deal 100% damage to target enemy, inflicting Defense Down for 2 turns.
Stand WatchSpecial Attack2Gain Taunt and 4 Defense Up for 2 turns, granting allied Scout Sylvester 2 Attack Up.

New skills for Scout Sylvester:

NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
WreckBasic Attack0Deal 90% damage to target enemy with a 50% chance of hitting again for 50% extra damage.
Woodland PounceSpecial Attack2Deal 135% damage to target enemy, gaining Hidden for 2 turns. Grant allied Scout Foghorn 2 Defense Up.

New skills for Scout Leader Granny:

NameTypeCooldown, WarmupDescription (at max level)
ChideBasic Attack0Deal 100% damage to target enemy, inflicting Attack Down for 2 turns.
First AidSpecial Attack2Heal your team for 150% heal-power, granting Scout Foghorn and Scout Sylvester allies Heal Over Time.
Friend of the ForestPassiveAll cat, bird, and rabbit allies have +15% Max Health.