What’s up, doc?

Our next update is just around the corner, and we want to give you the lowdown on every change coming to World of Mayhem. Off we go!

New PvE Campaign

Welcome to the new Marvin’s Invasion mode, doc! With this update, we are revamping our Campaign, removing regional unlocks and changing them for a different progression based on player level.

Release Notes
New Campaign, where the different Acts are locked by player level

When the update drops, five new Campaign Chapters of increasing difficulty will be available for all players to play through, starting from Easy and culminating on Nightmare – the perfect mode for the toughest Maestros of Mayhem out there!

Players will find even more Acts in each Chapter and, depending on the level of difficulty, they’ll have different win limits. Some battles will have exciting and special rules applied to them. Also, have fun collecting all those first-time rewards, bub!

Developer comments: As you know, we are always reevaluating features in the game and looking for ways to improve the World of Mayhem. We felt the current campaign could use a refresh, given that it is over one year old with many players having completed all the battles. We have revamped the campaign with some exciting changes that will give existing players all new challenges and a ton of new rewards to collect!

Also, we realized that unlocking regions as players increased levels was really limiting the regional origin of the toons we were offering through live events. This change allows us to offer cool toons from what used to be latter regions (say, Space or Summit) to a broader range of players through live events.

New Scalable Energy

Energy levels are also getting an overhaul: each new player will start at 40 Energy and increase 1 point each time they hit a new level up. For instance, if you are at level 7, you’ll have 48 max energy. If you are level 59 then you can look forward to 100 max energy!

Release Notes
Each new player level will increase the max Energy pool

Developer comments: For months, this has been quite a famous feature requested by players and we are excited to finally bring it to World of Mayhem.

New Daily Challenges

Similar to the new Campaign, our Daily Challenges are receiving quite the make-over. They will still be your daily resort for useful items (Gold, XP potions, boosters, dynamite, anvils, and regional materials), but we are expanding the number of total battles available and adding some toon and team requirements across all levels. 

Release Notes
New Daily Challenges!

We are also improving the rewards you get from them. Players who already completed their Daily Challenges will also have the possibility of collecting first-time rewards, which should feel good.

Daily Challenges
An example of the new Daily Challenges set up, with more acts and battles

Developer comments: We thought Daily Challenges were getting quite old and boring. It was time to refresh them and make them luring once again, both for rookies but also veterans. 

Changes to Reatomizers

We are decreasing the number of toon pieces you are getting by using the reatomizers. To balance this change out, we are also decreasing the Illudium cost for the majority of reatomizers.

Release Notes

New Energy Refill Costs

Last but not least, we are also reducing the gem cost of refilling your Energy. You can now purchase 100 Energy for only 50 Gems instead of 200. Players will be able to purchase four times vs two at this rate before the costs start to increase.

Release Notes

New AI Behavior

You’ll notice that Marvin’s computer has become a bit smarter and as a result, toons are now better in battle. Starting now, both your opponents and your own team while Auto-playing will have a higher chance to attack the toon that is more likely to be defeated. 

Developer Comments: This change will make your opponents tougher – you will have to taunt to protect your healer and time your heals better – but it will also make your own teams much stronger, when controlled by the computer. 

For example, your highly synergistic team is a lot more likely to “do the right thing” when defending that valuable crate in Brawl, protecting your structures in Alliance Wars and your score in Arena. Let us know what you think about this change, we are especially excited about its potential of unlocking new team synergies.

Changes to Wheels

UPDATED. We are increasing the number of different toons in different Wheels (you’ll notice some newer toons over there). We have also decreased the Daily Wheel Jackpot (from 850 toon pieces to 200) and increased the one in the Premium Wheel (from 1,000 to 1,250-1,500).

Bug Fixes

We have fixed an issue with the Energy display on the main screen not updating properly.

Other minor performance bugs have also been fixed.