Hey there everyone,

We’d like to share with you different changes that are coming to World of Mayhem’s event cycle pretty soon. As you know, we are constantly working on improving the gameplay experience for everyone and as such, we revisit different aspects of the game on a regular basis to make tweaks when needed. In the following weeks, we want to put up some exciting events that will allow you to obtain more toon pieces, materials, and other rewards throughout the week.

The first big change is that we won’t launch another Monthly Wrapper event this week. This means that there won’t be a special Campaign to complete in order to unlock a new Legendary toon. We will also stop with Solo Missions and Alliance Weekly Tournaments. Crate Cracker events will keep on happening though.

Acme Magnets will stop dropping and the Magnet exchange will disappear from the store – so please exchange your remaining Magnets in the ongoing exchange! Acme Rockets will still drop in crate cracker injections, so you can keep exchanging those for different toon pieces on rotation.

NOTE: While the Magnet exchange may be gone right now, we’ll be running again the exchange for a few days this week to give time to players to exchange all their Magnets. They haven’t disappeared, in any case.

In the following weeks, you can expect longer events featuring a combination of new toons but also past toons. The structure for these events will remain similar to what you already know: event exchanges, PvE Campaigns, solo tournaments, time-limited quests, and occasional crate cracker injections.

Last but not least, we’ll also start adding Legendary toon pieces inside the event exchanges, starting with Taz and moving to other Legendaries.

And that will be all for this quick heads-up. Stay tuned to upcoming event announcements in the blog. Word has it that a very famous piggy is coming back to World of Mayhem for the New Lunar Year – and this time, she’s not alone…

Thanks for your continuous support,
The Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Team