What’s up, doc?

Our next Meet the Team blog post is here! Have you ever wondered who creates all those wacky sounds that populate World of Mayhem?

Meet Sound Designer Paulo!

What’s your role inside the team?

As a former lead music composer in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, I recently joined the team to work full-time as sound designer.

What do you do as a Sound Designer?

I have to make sure that every new content in the game sounds great and lives up to the iconic sounds of Looney Tunes cartoons throughout the decades. I create, manage and implement audio for the four major audio ‘pillars’ in the game: sound effects, voice-overs, music, and stingers.

Every character added in the game will need new amazing original sound effects, voice-overs recorded from our top-notch voice actors and even fun musical stingers that could play in some specific actions. So it’s a lot of fun!

What’s that you love about World of Mayhem and the franchise?

I love how much content there is in the game! Everything is so detailed that just by zooming in the World’s buildings, you can see lots of small easter eggs and references taken directly from classic LT episodes. 

In the end, Looney Tunes is such an awesome and rich IP that we are always flooded with great references and that gets us super inspired to deliver the best to our players. Also, it’s so good to watch some hilarious cartoons for inspiration!

What are you currently working on?

Some weeks ago I finished all sound effects for Alliance Wars. This new feature comes with a couple of new original songs, so I’m really looking forward to what our players think about those.

At the same time, I’m producing some music and sound effects for packs of new characters.

If you were a toon, who would you be?

I’d love to be Phantoma Le Pew! He gets super stylish with that awesome hat, mask, and the red cape! He is also a great singer and plays the organ. I’d probably smell a little bit better, though.

Which are your favorite World of Mayhem toons?

I love every character with a musical thematic such as Phantoma Le Pew and Leopold. I think Nasty Canasta is super cool, his special prank with the spinning hat is hilarious. Really, I love how this skill animation is almost a one-on-one replica of the classic cartoon scene. 

And what about your favorite team composition of Mayhem?

My beautiful Barbershop “quartet”: Pepe Le Bard, Phantoma Le Pew, Leopold and Barber Bugs. Because… Well, music! Looking forward to seeing a very special ‘little green singer’ in the game and in my team. Who knows, maybe someday in the future?

Play it again, Paulo!

Any “oh-no” development moments you want to share?

A funny (and also “wow!”) moment happened when I was working on a character, I believe it was Sylvester Slaszlo. One of our consultants from Warner Bros told me I had to revise one of the sound effects I was using.

The funny part of the story is the way he told me which sound to use – it was something like: “Oh, you are using the wrong sound, please use the correct SFX from Looney Tunes Library, which would be number 445 in the Spring Sounds folder.” I thought that was a cool funny moment because he knew by heart the exact name and number of a sound effect used in a cartoon episode. I guess this also shows the commitment of the team in delivering the most accurate Looney Tunes experience as possible. 

Extra “oh-noes”: one day I accidentally integrated Sylvester Jr.’s voice in a Daffy Duck skill. I’m so glad I caught this up before the release! Can you imagine how weird that would be?

So we’re about to finish this – anything else you wanna add?

I just want to thank everyone at Aquiris and Scopely for the hard work that is put daily in World of Mayhem. I feel proud to work with this team, and I’d like to add a special thanks to all the players for enjoying and playing our game.

Please keep sending us your feedback, memes and everything else, this interaction with the community is what makes us deliver an ever-growing, ever-improving game.


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