Hey folks,

Our next update is just around the corner, and we want to give you the lowdown on every change coming to World of Mayhem (with version 15.0.0). While some Android players can already play this version, we will be releasing to all remaining Android players plus iOS players, in the following days.

Also, please note that Arena will be fully accessible on August 1st.



Arena is a new PvP mode that allows 4 players to compete against each other in high stakes, round-robin competition. The goal is to attack each player’s defensive team and obtain as many points as possible. In the end, the player with the most points in the Arena will win!

Check out this quick lowdown on YouTube to see the Arena in action: 

The Arena can be accessed from the home screen for players level 35 and above. Over time, you’ll see multiple Arenas, each with different battle mechanics and rules. All Arenas feature epic, exclusive rewards in the form of Tasmanian toon pieces and valuable Gold.

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On top of that, each Arena victory will grant points towards the first-ever Arena Season: a major tournament that will crown the best World of Mayhem players across the globe! Place high enough in upcoming Arena Seasons to unlock the first-ever legendary Toons in the game – leading up to a very famous Tasmanian Devil… (Keep on reading below for more info!).

The Arena Loop:

In the Arena, you start off by assigning your defense. You will be attacking other players’ defensive squads and they’ll be attacking yours, so make sure you assign a strong one! Also, toons used for defense cannot be used for attack! Premium Tip: pick a solid squad that takes advantage of the Arena’s battle mechanics to maximize their strength.

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With your defensive squad assigned, the game will start searching for additional players to fill the Arena. Once all players are in, you are ready to battle!

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Arena points are won during battle by performing specific actions according to the Arena’s scoring rules. For example, you’ll get points for dealing damage, surviving with X toons or for defeating enemy toons.

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Arena Seasons:

Now, the awesome thing about Arena is that it will never get old! Along with exclusive, amazing rewards, each Arena Season will introduce new battle mechanics and will spotlight different toons. Master the strategy that takes advantage of these battle mechanics and use top-level tactics during battle to reach the top!

Heads up! The first Arena Season will introduce a brand new “regional damage boost” mechanic and will focus on toons from Desert, City and WB Studios.

While Arena Seasons will typically last for 3 weeks, there’ll always be other Arenas for you to participate in so get those toons ready to battle and let the looney games begin!

New Arena Currencies:

Skull Key → You’ll need these ancient and haunted keys to enter basic Arenas. You can find them by completing your Daily Goals, opening your Daily Star Crate and in toon store offers.

Superior Skull Key → These golden Skull Keys grant you access to Expert Arenas – with the most exciting rewards and toughest competitors. Win basic Arenas to earn Superior Skull Keys or find them in the toon store.

Golden Idol → This ancient Tasmanian currency is accepted in the Arena Store – a new section in the toon store with exclusive offers that help you strengthen your Tasmanian toons and more! Win Arenas to collect Golden Idols!

Mask → Collect Masks to score points in Arena Seasons. Win Arenas to collect them!

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Welcome to beautiful Tasmania, folks! This exotic new location greets both maestros seeking respite from battle as well as adventurers looking for the next challenge. Beware of the volcano on the upper side of the island though – and some noisy Tasmanian residents, of course…

Please note that this new region does not come with a new level cap increase and there won’t be any new Campaign associated with it. There will be more toons coming to World of Mayhem to populate this lush island so stay tuned for those!


To celebrate the arrival of both Arena and the Tasmania region, we are releasing a number of new toons

Tasmanian She-Devil [Epic Defender] → This surly defender flips debuffs on her team and steals turn meter for tempo.

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Bellboy Daffy [Rare Support] → This staff duck serves his defender allies, offering amenities like Speed Up, Attack Up and heals.

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Hippety Hopper [Legendary Attacker] → With Legendary strength, this boxer side-steps counters and dodge to smash non-Defender enemies with Haymakers. Moreover, Hippety Hopper is the first-ever Legendary toon arriving in World of Mayhem. Keep on reading below!

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With this update, we are also bringing a new toon rarity to the game: Legendary

Unlocking with 300 pieces at 4 stars, Legendary Toons are the game’s rarest and bring a power potential that vastly exceeds Epics.


This new update is also bringing a number of improvements for Alliances based on our community’s feedback. Let’s go quickly through them:

New roles! In addition to Leaders and Members, we are adding two new roles: Co-Leaders and Officers. Depending on your role within your Alliance, you’ll be able to promote and demote Members into new roles, with various degrees of power.

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New invite policy! We’re adding a new “Invite-Only” policy on top of the generic “Open to Join”. This means that high ranks within the Alliance will be able to manage the joining requests from future members, if they want.

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More editing options! We are making so you can edit all your Alliance details at any time. Its name, description, toon banner, trophy requirements, invite policy… Nifty!

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Online status for members! The new system will also show whether your Alliance mates are online or offline, as well as when they were last active.

New sorting abilities! At first glance, you’ll be able to sort members according to Trophy counts, player level, roles, most recent activity, and star/event contribution.

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New share button! Last but not least, we are making it easier for you to share your Alliance details with other Maestros of Mayhem you know in real life.


We have fixed a hanging animation that was affecting stolen crates before they could be assigned.

We have fixed some camera issues when tapping on toons across the looney World.

We have also fixed some flickering assets on the Desert battleground.

Other minor graphic issues have also been corrected.