Hello Toonsters, welcome to the Cosmic Campaign Season 25 event blog. Please read on for all the info about the Cosmic Campaign of Season 25. This event starts on Thursday, 21st March.

  • Event Tokens: Magnifying Glass, Cosmic Medal, Star Token, Legendary Token
  • Event Energy: Event Energy used in Event Campaigns
  • Note: Because Cosmic Stars are not available to lower-leveled players, this event is only playable at level 40+.

Overall Structure

Play through the Season 25 Cosmic Campaign to earn Star Tokens and Cosmic Medals. You can exchange Cosmic Medals for more Star Tokens or use them to spin the Cosmic Medal Wheel. Exchange Star Tokens for up to Cosmic Star 7 of any (or all) of this season’s event toons! Also, keep an eye out for Mr. Watkins, Sorceress Petunia, Dorlock Holmes & Inspector Eggbert Character Pieces, and more, including the exclusive “Cosmic Detective” title!

This event’s limited-time discount Cosmic Stars are for Inspector Eggbert.

Event Changes

Inspector Eggbert is also included in this cosmic campaign. So instead of 3 Cosmic Chapters, this campaign consists of 4 chapters. 



Play for Star Tokens, Cosmic Medals, Toon pieces, & more!

Requires: Event Energy. Later acts require Mr. Watkins, Sorceress Petunia, Dorlock Holmes & Inspector Eggbert. 

WB Charms

Bring Featured Toons To Earn WB Charms

Requires: Event Energy.


Win Star Tokens, Cosmic Stars, Toon Pieces, Energy + more!

Collect 1 Jackpot Token5000
Collect 1 Star Token1000
Use the Star Token Chance or Mega Star Token Chance750
Collect 1 Inspector Eggbert Toon Piece10
Collect 1 Sorceress Petunia Toon Piece10
Collect 1 Mr. Watkins Toon Piece10
Collect 1 Dorlock Holmes Toon Piece10
Collect 1 Featured Toon Piece1
Collect 1 Material: Cosmic Medal1
Collect 1 Event Token: Magnifying Glass1


Complete Cosmic CampaignsEarn Star Tokens, Battle Pass Points, Golden Tickets, Magnifying Glasses, Gems, and Cosmic Medals!
Collect Star TokensEarn Battle Pass Points, Cosmic Medals, Secret Stuff, and Gold
Use “Star Token Chance” ExchangesEarn Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and Gold


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsFeatured CP300-1000 Countess Penelope Pieces
Cosmic Medal Wheel500 Cosmic MedalsFeatured CP, Jackpot Token10-25 Jackpot Tokens (completes quests and can exchange for Star Tokens)
Legendary Wheel1 Legendary TokenLegendary CP1000 Legendary CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems.

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Exchange Rates for Season 25 toons

Cosmic Star 13 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 26 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 318 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 424 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 542 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 651 Star Tokens
Cosmic Star 760 Star Tokens

Featured Toons

Dorlock Holmes (No exchange)Grand Duke Sylvester
Inspector Eggbert (No exchange)Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.
Mr. Watkins (No exchange)Chamberlain Porky
Joe MondayLunar Dragonhorn (No exchange)
Sorceress Petunia (No exchange)Lunar Lola
Super RabbitLunar Bugs
Omega ChungusTigress Penelope
Presto PigMaster Speedy
Flaming SuccotashLunar Petunia
Iron MuttLunar Toro
Super CoyoteBugs Bunny (Bonus)
Evil GrannySpeedy Gonzales (Bonus)
The RapthcallionPetunia Pig (Bonus)
Nova BunnySam Sheepdog (Bonus)
Supersonic HopperDaffy Duck (Bonus)
Countess PenelopeEgghead Jr. (Bonus)
Fair Lady Melissa

Toon Exchange

Events Store:

30 Joe Monday pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
20 Super Rabbit pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Omega Chungus pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Presto Pig pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Flaming Succotash pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Iron Mutt pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Super Coyote pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
20 Evil Granny pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 The Rapthcallion pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Nova Bunny pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Supersonic Hopper pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
20 Countess Penelope pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Fair Lady Melissa pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Grand Duke Sylvester pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
60 Chamberlain Porky pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Lunar Lola pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Lunar Bugs pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Tigress Penelope pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Master Speedy pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
30 Lunar Petunia pieces300 Magnifying Glass40
20 Lunar Toro pieces300 Magnifying Glass40