Love is taking over the World of Mayhem with Valentine’s Spiked Pom! This Limited Edition Gadget drops on 2/15/24, bringing a whirlwind of romance and chaos for just 4 days until 2/19/24.

Equip the Valentine’s Spiked Pom on any support toon to unlock exclusive cosmetics. Picture your chosen toon with a heart-shaped explosion! Act fast, as these gadgets are as fleeting as cupid’s arrow.

Get ready to transform your battlefield into a lovable spectacle! Mixing and matching for a unique touch, you won’t want to miss the chance to infuse a bit of Looney Tunes charm into your toons’ Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Spiked Poms Event

Embark on a romantic quest in the World of Mayhem, where love is in the air! Complete daily quests with specific toons and let the Love Letters rain down like confetti. These precious Love Letters are your golden ticket to the Love Letter Exchange, where dreams come true with a chance at claiming the dazzling Valentine’s Spiked Poms.

Hustle through the quests, making each step a dance of passion, as you collect Love Letters that not only warm your toon heart but also earn you Tournament points. It’s not just a quest; it’s a journey through the whimsical landscape of love and laughter.

You start with 10 chances at the Love Letter Exchange, and if your heart desires more, seek out the elusive Red Roses hidden in quests to unlock additional exchanges. Remember, it’s a daily reset, so keep your eyes wide open, just like the enchanting eyes of your toons.

And here’s the enchanting twist – even if luck decides to play hide and seek, the Tournament guarantees you a delightful reward of Spiked Poms and the limited edition Valentine’s Spiked Poms. Prepare to dance to the rhythm of love! It’s not just a toon-tastic time; it’s a symphony of romance in the World of Mayhem!


Gain Heart from the Love Letter Exchange1 Point


Upgrade and acquire certain Rabbit, Duck, Banshee Devil, Taz & any Cat toons each day & get rewarded with Love Letters and Red Roses.