Step into the Lunar New Year battlefield with Lunar Dragonhorn, the dazzling maestro of celebration! Before ascending, this defender shields the team like a resilient guardian. But hold onto your lanterns, because once Lunar Dragonhorn ascends, it transforms into an offensive powerhouse, unleashing an AOE attack that’ll light up the battlefield like fireworks!

Look out, crit-dependent foes! Lunar Dragonhorn takes them down, protecting frail allies with the grace of a festive dragon dance. The Lunar New Year festivities are in full swing as this mighty dragon brings a burst of energy, protection, and mayhem to the battlefield. Get ready for a spectacle of Lunar New Year excitement with Lunar Dragonhorn leading the charge!

  • Event Tokens: Dragon Fire Token
  • Seasonal Token: Questing Scroll
  • Global Events Energy: Event Energy

Overall Structure

Collect Dragon Fire Tokens to spin the Lunar Dragonhorn Wheel or use the Lunar Dragonhorn exchange for guaranteed Lunar Dragonhorn character pieces from Campaigns and Rank-up Lunar Dragonhorn! Pick up more various toon pieces in the Event Store!

Each day, a new “Daily Chapter” will become available. Later chapters will require ranked-up Lunar Dragonhorn. You can win 10 stages per daily chapter each day (whether that’s the first stage 10 times, the 10 stages one time each, or anything in-between). You can also farm previous daily chapters! Challenge yourself to get as far as you can each day, then return to past chapters with your newly ranked-up Lunar Dragonhorn to tackle them again! If you do well each day and obtain enough Dragon Fire Tokens throughout Book Revue, you can unleash the power of this Legendary toon!

Event Changes

Lunar Dragonhorn’s Dragonfire wheel requires fewer tokens to spin, and on average, each token’s value has gone up a bit, as you might have noticed.

Also, the daily campaign’s first acts start to require Lunar Dragonhorn one day later.



Play through the Lunar Dragonhorn Campaign’s “Lunar Dragonhorn” chapter to collect Seasonal Star Tokens, Dragon Fire Tokens, Gold, and Lunar Dragonhorn Pieces! This chapter exists primarily to obtain extra first-time rewards as you rank up Lunar Dragonhorn throughout the event, but you can also farm Questing Scrolls here. 

Requires: Event Energy, ranked-up Lunar Dragonhorn, Book Revue takeover toons, Magic, Knights, Hunters or Merrymen toons. 


Play through the Daily Chapters to collect Dragon Fire Tokens, Questing Scrolls, and Lunar Dragonhorn character pieces!

Requires: Later acts require ranked-up Lunar Dragonhorn.

NOTE: Daily chapters and quests change on daily reset (12 AM UTC). The first daily chapter will RESET 6 hours after the event begins.


Win Dragon Fire Tokens, Star Tokens, Questing Scrolls, and more!

Must be player level 40+.

Spin the Event’s Golden Ticket Wheel500
Collect 1 Lunar or Adventurer Toon Piece10
Collect 1 Toon Piece (any Legendary toon)2
Collect 1 Toon Piece (any Foghorn Leghorn or Lunar)1
Collect 1 Material: Questing Scroll1
Use 100 Event Energy1


Must be player level 20+

Collect Lunar Dragonhorn PiecesEarn Gems, Event Energy, Tune Up Materials
Level-up Lunar DragonhornEarn Event Energy, Regional Atoms, Gold
Tune-up Lunar DragonhornEarn Event Energy, Gold
Collect ANY Bird PiecesEarn Gold, Event Energy, Dragon Fire Token, Questing Scrolls, and more!
Complete Daily QuestsEarn Lunar Dragonhorn Pieces, Dragon Fire Token, Dragon Fire Tokens, and more!


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket Wheel3 Golden TicketsLunar Toro CP300-1000 Lunar Toro pieces
Lunar Dragonhorn Wheel1,000 Dragon Fire TokensLunar Dragonhorn CP1,000 – 1,500 Lunar Dragonhorn CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

Offers Store

30 Lunar Bugs pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Lunar Lola pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Tigress Penelope pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Lunar Toro pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Master Speedy pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Lunar Petunia pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Highlander Leghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
20 Foreman Leghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Foghorn Leghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Foghorn the Invincible pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Referee Foghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
30 Caesar Leghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
45 Monster Foghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
60 Outlaw Foghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40
60 Scout Foghorn pieces300 Questing Scrolls40