Hello there Toonsters,

The fifth Arena Championship is coming to its end and a new Championship kicks off on February 13th at 4 pm UTC! Heads up, Basic Arena will take a 24-hour break, while the Reset happens.

Much like the last reset, look forward to receiving End of Championship rewards.

Mask Reset

Like last time, players above Emerald 5 will have their Masks get reset back down and be given the chance to claim promotion rewards again


We previously announced some changes to Arena that were going to be made in November, and got pushed to a later date. That later date has now arrived, and changes are coming with the next rotation, starting February 13th:

  • Keys for Champions and Celebration Arenas in players’ inventories will be reset alongside new rotations. So starting on February 13th, unused Keys will be discarded. Note that this does not affect the Basic Arena Energy.
  • Access to the Basic Arena will have a daily limit of 8 entries, which is an increase from the previously announced 21 per week. This was made to keep top players from isolating themselves too quickly, while still allowing them to rank up fast enough to distance themselves from less frequent players. Ultimately the goal of this change is to improve overall matchmaking experience, specially in the first few weeks of rotation.

Also, we’ve added a temporary exchange so you can trade in your remaining Champions Keys for Boost Cubes. 1 Championship Key can be exchanged for 100 Boost Cubes. This exchange will be live till 12th February 2024. 

New Championship Themes

A new list of toons to select from in Arena brings a brand new meta. See the list below:

OutlawAnti Hero
NaughtySnow Bandit
LunarGo Kart
AthletePrison Break
Unlikely HeroToy
CyberPurrfect Pouncers
Robot3 Upcoming Teams