Toonsters, Season 22 begins soon, so get ready for a festive & jolly season of Looney Tunes World of Mayhem! 

Season 22

New Toons!

Penelope Bastet (Support, Desert)

Available: 12/7/23 – 12/14/23

Featured Toons:

Anubis K-9Dr. Frankenbeans
Henery HorusMummy Ralph
Hermes Road RunnerCount Bloodcount (No exchange)
Athena PetuniaZombie Sam
Thoth Beaky (No exchange)Zombie Granny (No exchange)
Van WileZombie Taz (No exchange)
Petunia Unleashed (No exchange)Zombie Chungus (No exchange)
Big Bad WolfBunny O’Hare
Giant ElmerRocket Sylvester
Red Riding RabbitCalavera Speedy
Cecil TurtleLola of Liberty
Ralph the Vampire

Note: Featured toons are subject to change.

Nutcracker Taz (Defender, Summit)

Available: 12/14/23 – 12/21/23

Featured Toons:

Toymaker Marvin (No exchange)Tazinsky
Demolitionist SamJester Bugs
Blacque Jacque ShellacqueDaffy Miranda
Auto-Mining CoyoteZoot Suit Daffy
Cart Baby FinsterPenelope Couture
Chungus ClausPepe Le Bard
O’Pat FrostYodel Le Pew
Reindeer Road RunnerPhotographer Sylvester
Holiday Bugs BunnyBugs Bunny (Bonus)
Elf Daffy DuckTaz (Bonus)
Toreador SpeedyPorky Pig (Bonus)
ToroElmer Fudd (Bonus)
Matador BugsMarvin (Bonus)
Picador Sylvester Jr.Egghead Jr. (Bonus)
Flamenco Prissy

Bah Humduck Daffy (Support, City)

Available: 12/21/23 – 12/28/23

Featured Toons for Bah Humduck Daffy will be communicated at a later date. 

Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass will begin on 11th December. The Battle Pass will be available for 4 weeks. 

Battle Pass Toon: Toymaker Marvin (Legendary Attacker, Space)

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.