Toonsters, Season 21 begins today 9th November, with the release of Petunia Unleashed + this season will also be ending the Horrors & Mayhem takeover. 

Season 21

New Toons

Petunia Unleashed (Attacker, City, Legendary) 

Available: 11/9/23 – 11/16/23

Featured Toons for Petunia Unleashed

Petunia UnleashedDaffy Duck
Van WileStar-Pharaoh Daffy
Porky PigCaptain Daffy
Lola of LibertyDaffy the Braver
Zombie GrannyJalopy Sam
Zombie TazHot Rod Ralph
Zombie SamAnubis K-9
Dr. DawgsteinHenery Horus
Monster FoghornHermes Road Runner
Ralph the VampireAthena Petunia
Count Bloodcount (No exchange)Thoth Beaky (No exchange)
Mummy Ralph

Zombie Chungus (Attacker, Farm)

Available: 11/16/23 – 11/23/23

Zombie Chungus will not follow a featured toons event structure. 

Hyde Bugs (Attacker, Town)

Available: 11/23/23 – 11/30/23

Featured toons for Hyde Bugs will be communicated at a later date. 

Legendary Pass

The Legendary Pass returns in Season 21 featuring Count Bloodcount. Players can also get Hyde Tokens which can be used to get Hyde Bugs pieces. 

It starts on 13th November & will run for 4 weeks

Please note: Event dates & structures are subject to change.