Folks of Mayhem,

In this article, you will find the structure and information for the 13th Event Season.

Event Format

  • Complete weekly Season Wrapper Quests to receive Battle Pass Points, Event Energy, and other rewards!
  • Event Energy is the same energy used in previous events.
  • Event Tokens and Star Tokens from Season 12 do not carry over into Season 13.
  • Season 13 events will be available to players starting at level 20!
  • Starting with Rabbit Rampage, seasonal events will begin on Thursday, rather than Friday.

Season 13

New Toons!

Tweet-O-Tron (Epic Support, Town)

Available March 31st  – April 6th, 2023

Featured toons required for Tweet-O-Tron Event:

Solid Tin CoyoteCatstello
Solid Tin Road RunnerSylvester
Daffy DuckSylvester Jr.
Hot Rod RalphPenelope
Jalopy SamPepe Le Pew
Star-Pharaoh DaffyMonster Tweety
Star-Pharaoh MarvinTweetyosaurus Rex
MarvinBirthday Suit Tweety
Archon ElmerShinobi Tweety

Rabbit Rampage (Epic Defender, Forest)

Available: April 6th – April 13th, 2023

NOTE: There will be an overlap of 1 day where Rabbit Rampage starts but Tweet-O-Tron is still in progress. 

This event does not use the standard “featured toons” structure.

Captain Daffy (Epic Attacker, Tasmania)

Available: April 13th – April 20th, 2023

This event does not use the standard “featured toons” structure.

Cosmic Campaign Event

Featured toons:

Solid Tin Road Runner
Solid Tin Coyote
Rabbit Rampage
Captain Daffy
Dread Pirate Penelope
Deckswab Dawg
Barrelhawk Henery
Sea-Goin’ Sam
Cannoneer Canasta
Star-Pharaoh Daffy
Star-Pharaoh Marvin
Archon Elmer
Ninja Ralph
Hitman Crusher
Space Runner Canasta
Shinobi Tweety
LeBron James
Coach Daffy
Shooter Taz
Shooter Road Runner
Shooter Coyote
Daffy Duck

Battle Pass

Battle Pass will last four weeks, running from April 3rd, 2023 to April 30th, 2023.

Battle Pass Character: Star-Pharaoh Daffy

Be ready to enter this Battle Pass featuring the Legendary Star-Pharaoh Daffy!

Please note: Event structure is subject to change before release.