Are you ready… For the epic clash between Robots and Go-Karts? Gather your toons to earn tons of common, rare, and even epic Gadgets! And wait, what’s that up in the sky…? It looks like someone’s flying down to visit!

With an updated BIOS and overclocked parts, Tweet-o-Tron runs as a new epic toon for the Robot team! Using Nanomachines for automatic healing and capable of doling out Damage Immunity and extra Critical Chance and Critical Damage, this Steam-Powered mech is ready to support his allies and dominate the Arena!

Below, find the details about this Epic 7-day Event!

  • Event Token: Brush (Seasonal Token), Robo Claw (Tweet-o-Tron Exchange Token), Red Lamp (Tweet-o-Tron Epic Wheel Token)
  • Event Energy: Event Energy

Featured Toons:

Tweet-o-Tron (no exchange)Babbit
Solid Tin CoyoteCatstello
Solid Tin Road Runner (no exchange)Sylvester
Daffy DuckSylvester Jr.
Hot Rod Ralph (no exchange)Penelope
Jalopy Sam (no exchange)Pepe Le Pew
Star-Pharaoh Daffy (no exchange)Monster Tweety
Star-Pharaoh MarvinTweetyosaurus Rex
MarvinBirthday Suit Tweety (no exchange)
Archon ElmerShinobi Tweety

Overall Structure

Play through the Booting Up Campaign to collect Tweet-o-Tron’s Character Pieces and event tokens. Spin the Red Lamp Wheel to get more pieces and collect Seasonal Cosmic Star Tokens from the Cosmic Challenge Quests and Campaigns.

Daily Campaigns and Quests reward you with bonus Featured Toon Character Pieces and Event Energy to strengthen the featured toons and farm additional Tweet-o-Tron Character Pieces.



“Daily Campaign”
Complete DAILY to earn rewards and complete special quests!

Requires: Event Energy


“Booting Up”
Battle for Tweet-o-Tron character pieces! Farm for Brushes and Robo Claw!

Requires: Event Energy

Main 2

Defeat the battles and earn Tweet-o-Tron character pieces and Red Lamp!

Requires: Event Energy, Tweet-o-Tron

Cosmic Challenge

(Begins 4/4/23. Minimum level 40)

Beat these challenging stages to earn Star Tokens to exchange for Cosmic Stars!

Requires: Event Energy, Featured Toons & Tweet-o-Tron, Must Earn 3★ to Advance


“Robots vs Go-Karts”
Whose machines reign supreme? Put yours to the test! And wait, what’s that up in the sky…?

Requires: Event Energy, Robots, Go-Karts


Collect Tournament Milestones to earn Robo Claw, Tweet-o-Tron Character Pieces, Event Energy, and more!

Complete Event Quest300
Collect 150 Robo Claw150
Consume 50 Seasonal Energy50
Collect 1 Tweet-o-Tron Toon Piece15
Collect 1 Rural Piece5
Collect 1 Featured Event Toon Piece2


Daily Event/Cosmic QuestsEarn Tweet-o-Tron CP, Red Lamps in the first half, and Star Token, Red Lamps in the second half
Collect Featured Toon Character PiecesEarn Event Energy, Featured toon CP, Golden Tickets
Upgrade Tweet-o-TronEarn Gems, Golden Tickets, Event Energy, Tweet-o-Tron Tune Up Materials
Complete Cosmic Challenge StagesEarn Cosmic Star Tokens and Red Lamp Purchase Cosmic Challenge Pass to increase your rewards


WheelSpin withRewardsJACKPOT
Ticket WheelGolden TicketsFeatured Toon CP300 – 1000 Birthday Suit Tweety CP
Red Lamp WheelRed LampTweet-o-Tron CP300 – 1000 Tweet-o-Tron CP

Event Energy Details

-100 Event Seasonal Energy

-100 Starting Energy

-Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes

-Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)

-Refresh Amount: 100 energy

That’s all folks!

We hope you are enjoying season 13 and are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing events that are fun and rewarding every day.