Welcome back to another LT Patch Notes update! This week, we are addressing some bugs with character abilities! 

The following changes will be live this week. Let’s jump right in!

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Catstello’s “Babbiiit” ability now properly tracks when multiple enemies have full HP. No more triggering when attacking only the topmost position!
  • Catstello’s “Here I Go Again” was missing the feedback on your other team members. Now it isn’t!
  • Dunker Tweety’s Clutch Cleanup now properly ignores counters!
  • Eggh34d’s I’m In was still losing or not gaining Hidden while enemies were hacked. The last of those cases have been ironed out.
  • Both Babbit and Catstello have each gained Cats Friendship. You know how cats are, sometimes they take a lil’ while to get along.
  • Daffy Hood’s Crowd Pleaser now only triggers once per turn to avoid some infinite loops.