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You have arrived in a shady space station after days spent traveling at sub-light speed inside a fifth-level Space-Bus; you couldn’t afford the new fancy Hyper-drive shuttle; you are still a fugitive cyborg, after all. You stop a second to order your favorite Lunar-Slug smoothie when you see, reflected on the glass, the cold shadow of a laser pistol pointing at you: run! Space Runner Canasta is after you!

Welcome the Epic Attacker Space Runner Canasta! Let’s take a look at the highlights of this 1-week event.

  • Event Token: Space Bracers & Cosmic Coin
  • Event & Season Energy: Spacerunner Hat Energy (this event only), Season 4 Energy. Used for all new toon events during Season 4.

Featured Toons, for the event

Space Runner Canasta Assassin
Hitman Crusher
Ninja Ralph
Major Canasta
Bushwhacker Sam
Contraptionist Egghead
Outback Dawg
Van Wile
Star-Pharaoh Marvin
Archon Elmer

Overall Structure

Unlock and rank up Epic Attacker Space Runner Canasta as you engage in multiple limited-time events around the game over the week.

Collect limited-time Event Tokens (Space Bracers) to exchange for Featured Toon Character Pieces. There are two Event Campaigns, one providing a path for unlocking and getting started using Space Runner, one for obtaining tokens to rank up Space Runner, and the other featured toons!

Space Runner Canasta

Thanks to his skill, Quick Shot, he deals 100% damage to the target enemy, inflicting 2 Defense Down. While in Alliance R&D, grant your team Attack Up. With his passive skill, Flourishing Attacks, whenever this toon damages an enemy, inflict a stack of Flourish. Whenever at least 1 enemy has 10 or more stacks of Flourish, unlock Flourish Combo. Whenever an Assassin team member attacks an enemy with Flourish, grant them Attack Up for 3 turns. If that Assassin is Hidden, give them Critical Chance Up as well.

Space Runner Canasta Campaigns

Serving as the progression anchor of the event, new battles invite you to unlock and strengthen your Space Runner Canasta, leveraging the featured toons. It opens on Day 1 and is available for the entire 7 days of the event, along with chapters for repeatable Space Bracers and other rewards (toon pieces, tune-up materials, etc.).

Interstellar Feller:

  • 7-Day Event
  • Requires Season 4 energy
  • Play to unlock Space Runner Canasta (first-time reward) and other featured toons.

No Crater Enemy:

  • 7 days
  • Requires Space Runner Canasta
  • The 1st chapter is called Lunar or Later and uses Season 4 energy. It can be farmed for Spacerunner Hat Energy
  • The 2nd chapter is called Fight or Flight and uses Spacerunner Hat Energy. It can be farmed for huge amounts of Space Bracers

Spacerunner Hat Energy Details

  • 100 Energy Cap
  • 0 Starting Energy
  • Earned in the Lunar or Later chapter of the No Crater Enemy campaign (and used in the Fight or Flight chapter of No Crater Enemy)

Season 4 Energy Details

  • 100 Energy Cap
  • Players will start with the remaining energy left from the previous event
  • Recharge 1 energy every 6 minutes
  • Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
  • Refresh Amount: 100 energy


The Spacerunner Tourney repeats daily,  7 total times throughout the event.

  • Climb Endurance Towers each day to earn Cosmic Coins, Greater, and regular Cosmic Stones, Fine Vials, and Gold in the Milestones
  • Compete with other players for large amounts of Cosmic Coins (and other rewards, like Marvelous Cosmic Stones) in the Rank rewards

Event Quests

The following quests are going to be available throughout the event

  • Collect Space Runner Canasta pieces
  • Rank-up Space Runner Canasta
  • Level-up Space Runner Canasta
  • Tune-up Space Runner Canasta
  • Collect Featured Toon Pieces
  • Complete Brawl battles
  • Steal Brawl Crates
  • Open Brawl Crates
  • Open Star Crates (by winning brawls, then clicking the Star Crate button in the top-left corner of the screen)


  • Direct Exchanges for all Featured toons and for Space Runner Canasta! Exchange Event tokens for the Characters you need!
    • Space Bracers Exchanges include Featured toons, Space Runner Canasta, Tune-up materials, Gold, and Tickets.
    • Cosmic Coins: Exchanges include: Space Runner Canasta CS 1-7, starting off with CS 1 on day 1 and a new Cosmic Star exchange each day

Cosmic Coins vs. Cosmic Stars Exchanges Costs

  • 5 – cs1
  • 10 – cs2
  • 20 – cs3
  • 40 – cs4
  • 80 – cs5
  • 200 – cs6
  • 340 – cs7

Wheels & Exchanges

  • Golden Ticket Wheel: Hit the Jackpot to earn 300 – 900 Space Runner Canasta Pieces! Guaranteed featured toon Character Pieces

7- Day Tournament Milestone Rewards

Ranks & Rewards

Top RankBottom RankCosmic Coins Marvelous Cosmic StonesGreat Cosmic StonesCosmic StonesGold
Milestones & Rewards
MilestonesPointsCosmic CoinsGreat Cosmic StonesCosmic StoneFine VialGold

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