Folks of Mayhem!

Have you booked with your ACME Time Travel agency to start the most exciting prehistorical holiday of your life? No? Not a problem:

Casper The Caveman is coming to you! 

We are excited to announce the release of a new event featuring the much anticipated Casper. He is still a bit grumpy from the journey (he didn’t have any breakfast and Fido packed too many gigantic bones), but he is excited to meet all of you!

Ok, let’s talk more about all the details of the event

  • Start Date: The event will start on the 5/5/2022
  • Event Duration: 7 days, from 5th 2022 to May 12th 2022


  • Event energy: Casper Club Energy
  • Featured toons: 
    • Tweetysaurus Rex (Prehistoric Team)
    • Roadius Runnerus (Prehistoric Team)
    • Neanderthal Bugs (Prehistoric team)
  • Event token: 
    • Casper Coins (to exchange in Mobile Event Store)
    • Beepcoin (to exchange in the Beepcoin store on the Looney Tunes Web Portal)

Overall Structure

Unlock and max Epic Support Toon Casper the Caveman as you engage in multiple limited-time events around the game over the week.

Collect event tokens (Casper coins) to exchange in the Mobile store for Casper pieces, featured toon character pieces, tune-up materials, and Casper Cosmic Star 7. 

Collect Beepcoins to exchange them in the Web Beepcoin Store for Casper Pieces, featured toon character pieces, tune-up materials, event energy, etc. Better value and deals are provided on the Looney Tunes Web Portal and Web Beepcoin Store.

There will be FREE Casper pieces and Club Energy on the Looney Tunes Web Portal throughout the event!

The Event Campaign provides a path to Character Pieces and Tune-Up Materials for Casper the Caveman. 

Casper the Caveman & Prehistoric Team

The Epic Support Toon Casper can use his Stone Age Slam to deal severe damage to enemies while granting Speed Up to all the team! But, it is in his support skills that he shines. For instance, with his move, Duck Here!, at the start of his turns, if he has Frenzy, he grants Heal Over Time to all team members and grant all Prehistoric team members below 35% Max Health a stack of Frenzy. (Unless Incapacitated)

Casper Caveman Campaign

Fifty new battles invite you to unlock and strengthen your Casper the Caveman toon, leveraging a selection of featured toons. It opens on Day 1 and is available for the full seven days of the Campaign.

  • The Campaign requires Casper Club Energy
  • Play for Casper the Caveman Pieces (First Time rewards), Event tokens, and Tune-Up Materials.
  • Players from Level 40 can access the Event and Campaign.


  • Casper pieces (First-Time Reward)
  • Casper Coins
  • Tune-up materials (First-Time Reward)
  • Beepcoins (First-Time Reward)

Casper Energy Details 

  • 100 Casper Club Energy
  • 200 Starting Energy
  • Recharge 1 energy every 12 minutes
  • Refresh Cost: 50 gems (4 times), then 100 gems (4 times), then 200 gems (4 times)
  • Refresh amount: 100 energy

The campaign will be structured as follows:

  • First Act: players can use any toon for the First Act except for Daffy Ducks.
  •  Second Act: players must use Casper, one other prehistoric toon, and two random toons except for Daffy Ducks.
  • Third Act: players must use Casper, two other prehistoric toons, and one random toon except for Daffy Ducks.
  •  Fourth Act: players must use five stars for Casper and six stars for the three other prehistoric toons
  •  Fifth Act: players must use seven stars prehistoric team (all 4).

Amount of Beepcoins you can obtain by playing the Campaign:

  • Act 1: 10 Beepcoins
  • Act 2: 15 Beepcoins
  • Act 3: 25 Beepcoins
  • Act 4: 35 Beepcoins
  • Act 5: 45 Beepcoins


  • The Casper Diary Tournament will kick off on the first day and last for seven days.
  • Collect Casper pieces, Casper Coins, and unique tune-up material to earn Milestone and Rank rewards!
  • Milestone rewards
    • Casper pieces
    • Casper Club Energy
    • Casper’s unique TU material
    • Secret stuff, cosmic stone, gem, and gold
  • Rank rewards
    • Casper Cosmic Star (Max CS7)
    • Casper unique TU material (Max 30)
    • Beepcoins (Max 100)
    • Crest of Mayhem (Max 200)
    • Gold (Max 3 million)

That’s all folks!

We hope you enjoy the Casper the Caveman Event. We are looking forward to your feedback as we keep working on providing fun and rewarding events every day!

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