The year of the Tiger is finally here, along with your chance to collect the last piece of the Lunar Team: Tigress Penelope.

Event Overview

In this event, you’ll have to complete repeatable Event Quests to earn the Tigress Bead Energy necessary to progress in the Special Campaign “Year of the Tigress!”, which is your only source of Tigress Penelope pieces, outside of the ticket wheel. Completing repeatable Event Quests will also help you progress in the Tournaments, as each Tigress Bead Energy collected will give you 1 point.

Event Details

  • Duration: Feb 4 -Feb 8
  • Unlock Level: 40
  • 3 Campaigns:
    • Special Campaign “Year of the Tigress!”
    • Main Campaign “New Year, New Cat”
    • Challenge Campaign: “Lunar Challenge”
  • Quests
    • Daily Quests
    • Repeatable Quests
  • Solo & Alliance Tournaments
  • 3 Wheels
  • Featured Toons:
    • Lunar Toro
    • Tigress Penelope
    • Master Speedy
    • Lunar Petunia
    • Marvin the Marvelous
    • Tweety the Twue
    • Babyface Finster
    • Racketeer Rabbit
    • Samurai Sheepdog (Battle Pass Toon)
    • Big Chungus (Battle Pass Toon)


This event will feature 3 Campaigns

  • Special Campaign: “Year of the Tigress!”
    Requires special Tigress Bead Energy which can only be obtained via repeatable Event Quests. Note: This energy will not regenerate and cannot be refilled with gems.
    Use featured toons to obtain Tigress Penelope pieces, Secret Stuff, and useful Tune-Up materials for Tigress Penelope.
  • Main Campaign: “New Year, New Cat”
    Bring featured toons to fight for Tigress Hats, Lunar Toro pieces, and Gold Tickets. Tigress Hats can be used in special event exchanges.
  • Challenge Campaign
    Challenge your Lunar Team and fight for Tigress Hats, Secret Stuff, Cosmic Stones, and Gold Tickets.

The Main and Challenge campaign will be a useful place to both spend energy and collect Tigress hats for the Repeatable Event Quests. 


Each day, new Event Quests will become available:

  • Daily Quests: Available for 24 hours and will reward you for completing specific tasks with featured toon pieces, Gold Tickets, Tune Up Tickets, Gems, and Campaign Energy.
    • Part 1: Campaign! Focuses on collecting Tigeress Hats and using Campaign Energy.
    • Part 2: Brawl! You’ll be tasked with brawling and opening brawl crates.
    • Part 3: Crate Cracker! Time to spin the Silver and Gold wheels! (Stealing crates also encouraged)
    • Part 4: Final Day Go all out both brawling and in the campaign to claim 3 Cosmic Stars for Tigress Penelope!
  • Repeatable Quests: Each day, a new set of repeatable quests will unlock and allow you to complete them until the end of the event. You will be able to complete each quest a total of 20 times and each will award 1 Tigress Bead Energy, 10,000 Gold, and 25 Secret Stuff. The following quests will become available each day:
    • Part 1:
      Use 500 Campaign Energy
      Collect 650 Tigress Hats
    • Part 2:
      Brawl 3 times
      Open any 6 Brawl crates
    • Part 3:
      Spin the Silver Wheel 3 times
      Spin the Gold Wheel 3 times

Completing repeatable quests will provide you with the Tigress Bead Energy needed to progress in the Special Campaign, and to rack up points for our Tournaments.


This event will feature both Solo and Alliance Tournaments, which will track how many Tiger Energy Beads you’ve collected during the entire event. You’ll receive 1 Tiger Energy Bead for each Repeatable Event Quest you complete. The top Solo ranked prize will include 7 Cosmic Stars for Tigress Penelope!

Solo Milestones

MilestonesPointsTigress PenelopeMaster SpeedyLunar PetuniaSecret StuffGemsGold TicketCampaign EnergyGas maskGold

Alliance Milestones

MilestonesPointsSpecial Boost CubesLunar ToroMaster SpeedyLunar PetuniaGold


This event will feature 3 wheels:

  • Ticket Wheel: Exchange 3 Gold Tickets for a chance to win Tigress Penelope and other featured toon pieces. This is the only wheel featuring Tigress Penelope.
  • Silver Wheel: Exchange 1 Tigress Silver for a chance to win Lunar Toro and other featured toon pieces. 
  • Gold Wheel: Exchange 1 Tigress Gold for a greater chance of winning Lunar Toro pieces and other featured toons.

Tigress Silver and Tigress Gold can be obtained from opening special Event Lunar Crates from brawling. These crates are available to all level 40+ players that have unlocked at least two Featured Event Toons.

Event Exchanges

75 Master Speedy Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
75 Lunar Petunia Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
40 Marvin the Marvelous Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
75 Tweety the Twue Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
30 Babyface Finster Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
30 Racketeer Rabbit Pieces300 Tigress Hats1000
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Tigress Hats1000
100,000 Gold300 Tigress Hats100
30 Tigress Penelope Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
50 Tigress Penelope Pieces100 Battle Badges10

Tigress Penelope