The Holidays are always a special time of the year for us, as we also celebrate our very own Anniversary!

This year we’re bringing in “Greatest Hits” of a sort, with a series of Campaigns and Quests that will award you with some of the classic releases from previous years.

Event Details

  • Event Duration: Dec 9th to Dec 30th
    (Edited: Originally stated end date Dec 31st)
  • Unlock Level: 6
  • 3 Campaigns:
    • Year 1 Toons
    • Year 2 Toons
    • Year 3 Toons
  • Anniversary Quests
  • Anniversary Wheel


The event will feature 3 Campaigns, each awarding and/or requiring Toons from Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 respectively! You’ll also be awarded Tune Up Materials and XP for completing each stage.

Here’s the full list of Toon pieces you’ll be able to collect from each campaign:

Year 1Year 2Year 3
Road Runner (OG)Litigator LolaHillbilly Bugs
Foghorn Leghorn (OG)Egghead Jr (OG)Apprentice Hugo
Marvin (OG)O’Pat (OG)Contraptionist Egghead
Rocket SylvesterCannoneer CanastaO’Mike (OG)
Penelope (OG)The Sea-DevilPresto Pig
Rocket CoyoteVan WileHenery Horus
Space CadetOfficer PrissyBushwacker Sam
Elf Daffy DuckWinter BugsGhost of Christmas Taz
Speedskater CoyoteTourist DaffyFirefighter Bugs
Barnyard Dawg (OG)Lola FrostbaneGentleman Pepe
Queso BanditoFoghorn The InvincibleBarrelhawk Henery
Yeti GossamerConcierge ElmerAlchemist Frankenbeans
Lola (OG)Master SpeedyMajor Canasta
Lunar PetuniaReferee FoghornIron Mutt
Daffy Duck (OG)Baseball BugsAthena Petunia
Scrooge Yosemite SamGothamerAnubis K-9
Starseeker LolaDr. Frankenbeans (OG)General Pandemonium
Sam Sheepdog (OG)Caesar LeghornDr. Killpatient
Porky Pig (OG)Revenant RoadrunnerQB Daffy
Kitty KettySea-going SamMarvin the Marvelous
King BugsElmer the SureElmer Bugs
Tasmanian She-Devil (OG)Cupid ElmerHermes Roadrunner
Phantom Le PewConqueror TazSolid Tin Coyote
Holiday BugsReindeer RoadrunnerBig Chungus
Bat-Suit Wile
Might Angelo (OG)
Captain Bligh
Flamenco Prissy
Cheerleader Coyote
Tweety the Twue
Archon Elmer


A series of quests will reward you for participating in the event and keeping up with your daily tasks. Make sure to log in each day, as some will require completing Daily Challenges or Collecting Candy Canes.

Completing quests will award you with various rewards, such as Golden Tickets, Gadget Tickets, Tune-up tickets, and more, but more importantly with Christmas Ornaments.

Anniversary Wheel

Once you’ve gotten your hands on some Christmas Ornaments it’s time to spin the Anniversary Wheel! 

The Anniversary Wheel is packed with Tune-Up Materials and will give you a chance to stock up on Regional Materials, Vials, Atoms, Secret Stuff, Cosmic Stones, Gadget Scraps, and Gadget Tickets.

It’s a great boost to help you level up any Toons you’ve had in your backlog or one of the toons you’ve picked up through the event!

Come celebrate with us and don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on some classic toons!