This coming month will bring a few exciting new additions to the Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem universe: 

  • A new Log-in Streak Calendar
  • New Alliance Invite Features
  • Arena League in Player Profiles
  • New Daily Goals with increased rewards

Log-in Streak Calendar

Our community has been letting us know they’re running a bit short on gold, so to help this out, we’re introducing the Log-in Streak calendar!

Each day you will receive a free reward of gold coins, which will increase each day you log in. But that’s not all! Reach the end of the calendar and you will be able to claim the max reward each successive day you log in! Break the streak and you’ll have to start from the beginning again.

How long will you be able to keep the streak?

New Alliance invite features

We’re sharing some love to the Alliance discovery and recruitment journey, by adding some heavily requested features which will hopefully make finding the right alliance and inviting potential members much easier than before.

First of all, it’s the big one: Alliance Invites. This one has been highly requested by the community and we hope you’re as excited as we are to finally bring this into the game.

You’ll be able to directly invite members by sending them an invitation via their inbox. Just by clicking on a player’s profile, you’ll see a new “Recruit Player” button, which will automatically send them an invite straight into their inbox.

We’ll also be helping discover potential alliances who are actively recruiting by sending guild suggestions via inbox to help move things along. 

We’ll also be tweaking how Alliances are showcased in the “Join Alliance” window, to make sure the suggested alliances are a better fit for you.

Arena League in Player Profiles

To help with recruiting the most competitive players, we are also adding Arena League information to player profiles.

New Daily Goals

We’re updating the Daily Goals rewards, and adding a couple of new ones to the mix:

Some key highlights of what completing all daily goals will net you:

  • 1 Golden Ticket every day
  • 5 Toon Pieces for Legendary toon Lebron James (previously exclusive to the SJ2 events)
  • 100 Gems (up from 30 gems)
  • 25.000 Gold (up from 300 (!!) gold)
  • 1.000 Battle Pass points. Completing Daily Goals is going to give you significant progress towards collecting Battle Pass Milestones.
  • 30 Campaign Energy (up from 20), plus 30 Gadget Energy
  • 600 Core Boost Cubes (up from 400 for a 50% increase)
  • 1,000 Scraps to level up your Gadgets, equivalent to recycling 4+ Rare Gadgets

We’re planning on releasing these some time next week, so stay tuned!

From the desk of Gossamur

Bugs Fixed with 33.0.0

  • Getting thrown back to the Home Screen after receiving the “Another alliance member is already attacking this structure” pop-up sucks. This is now fixed. Finally!
  • Tenacity is now properly an available sort option for Gadgets
  • Enemy Gadget preview now properly works in Alliance War
  • Fixed cases where Alliance Chat and its history would simply refuse to load
  • Recommended Alliances now actually refresh when tapping the refresh button
  • Long player names no longer overlap with text in Alliance Chat preview
  • Changing your Title will now update correctly in event and league leaderboards
  • Leaderboard and Calendar next payout timers now update in real-time. It’s like watching water boil, but now with real-time feedback!
  • Cleaned up an afterimage of numbers behind reward previews in Store Offer Cards
  • Cleaned up a rampant white rectangle artifact appearing in completed event quests
  • Removed another grey rectangle artifact appearing behind Toon portraits in various Team Select screens
  • Fixed cases where Calendar Offers could not be bought because the calendar “Failed to Unlock” until the next session