A brand new Regional Event format is here! These new, recurring events will now combine two regions, starting with City and Desert! Here are the details:


There are four campaigns: 

  • The main campaign is for collecting Tune-Up Materials and Toon Pieces of select toons. 
  • There are also two “Challenge” campaigns, one for each region, which reward rarer Tune-Up Materials. 
  • And finally, the “Cosmic Stars!” Campaign, which can be played for direct cosmic stars of select toons, consisting of Caesar Longhorn, Conqueror Taz, Phantom LePew, and Litigator Lola.


All campaigns EXCEPT for the “Cosmic Stars!” Campaign will require special Regional Energy. This energy has a cap of 150 and regenerates automatically at a rate of 10 energy per every 100 minutes. More Regional Energy can also be purchased with gems.

In addition, a “Premium” version of the main campaign can be unlocked by purchasing Premium Unlock Energy in the store. Unlocking this campaign allows you to earn DOUBLE the repeat rewards for ALL battles (you can also earn the normal first-time rewards, again!).


There is one wheel – the Regional Wheel. This wheel requires Regional Tickets and drops rare Tune-Up Materials, amongst other rewards. Regional Wheel tickets can be obtained from Quest and Tournament Rewards.


Quests revolve around spinning the Regional Wheel and completing Campaigns. These are the main way to obtain Regional Tickets, as well as some Regional Energy.

Featured Toons:

All City & Desert Toons EXCEPT El Espectro.

Select Toons included in the Main Campaign:

  • Mr. Sam
  • Caesar Leghorn
  • Conqueror Taz
  • Litigator Lola
  • Phantom LePew
  • Waiter Elmer
  • Chauffeur Porky
  • Outlaw Foghorn
  • Sheriff Porky
  • Outlaw Sylvester
  • Cowboy Bugs
  • Hector
  • Leopold
  • Masked Avenger
  • Wildcard Wolf