El Espectro himself is in the gorilla position as he waits to be summoned to the ring! You’ve heard of him, haven’t you? The masked fighter from Cowgary? They say it’s impossible to defend against him, and if he notices your guard is down, it’s all over! 

As the first Wrestlers team member, he aims to use his High Flying moves to help you crush all the unsuspecting toons in the World of Mayhem! Don’t sleep on your chance to unlock and rank up this formidable grappler or he will haunt your dreams.

Event Duration: 4 Days

General Highlights

  • Level: 40
  • This event will introduce El Espectro: a Legendary Attacker
  • This Event Will Feature 1 Daily Campaign, 1 Main Campaign and 1 Legendary Campaign
  • This event features 2 Wheels, 1 with guaranteed El Espectro pieces, and 1 with Featured Toon pieces (except for K-9000)
  • Capes can be used towards special event exchanges

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

  • Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!
  • In the milestones, you’ll obtain El Espectro pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Tune-Up Materials, and more!

Campaign Highlights

This event will feature three Campaigns:

Daily Campaign: Lightning Match!

Complete the Daily Lightning Match! It will allow you to complete your Daily Quests.

Main Campaign: Triple-A Match!

  • Battle for El Espectro character pieces!
  • Farm for Capes and Toro Belts! 
  • Capes can be used towards special event exchanges!
  • Toro Belts can be used towards the Toro Belt Exchange for a chance at unlocking El Espectro pieces!

Legendary Campaign: Super Libre Match!

 Collect Toro Masks that can be used to spin the Legendary “Mascara Wheel” for GUARANTEED El Espectro pieces!

Featured Toons:

-El Espectro

-Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.

-Grand Duke Sylvester

-Marvin the Marvelous

-Fireman Bugs

-Athena Petunia

-Henery Horus


Special Event Exchanges

RewardCostPurchase Limit
Chance for 300 El Espectro Pieces150 Toro Belts1000
21 Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. Pieces300 Capes1000
154 Grand Duke Sylvester Pieces300 Capes1000
49 Marvin the Marvelous Pieces300 Capes1000
54 Fireman Bugs Pieces300 Capes1000
68 Athena Petunia Pieces300 Capes1000
68 Henery Horus Pieces300 Capes1000
1 Toro Mask3 Golden Tickets5
1 Toro Mask5 Golden Tickets25
100 Fine Dynamite300 Capes5
400 Dynamite300 Capes5
20 Fine Anvils300 Capes25
50 Anvil300 Capes25
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Capes1000
30 Fireman Bugs Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
12 El Espectro Pieces30 Crests of Mayhem125