This time, Wile E. isn’t explicitly chasing Road Runner, he’s chasing the perfect performance. That said, people are lining up mostly to see his self-exploding, show-stopping skills with the other Circus Toons!

Cannonball Coyote hops into the cannon, fuze and gunpowder primed, ready to go to the moon!

Event Duration: 4 Days

General Highlights:

  • Min Level: 40
  • This event will introduce Cannonball Coyote: an Epic Attacker
  • This Event Will Feature 1 Featured Toons campaign, 1 Main campaign, and 1 Cosmic Stars questline.
  • This event features one wheel that offers Cannonball Coyote and featured toon pieces.
  • Safety Helmets can be used towards special event exchanges

Event Quest Highlights:

  • Collect Featured Event Toon pieces and Superior regional Materials to earn Golden Tickets, Safety helmets, campaign energy, and more!
  • Power-up Cannonball Coyote to earn Great Cosmic Stones, Golden Tickets, and up to Cosmic Star 5 for Cannonball Coyote!

Solo Tournament Highlights: 

  • Compete in our Solo Tournament to win Crests of Mayhem, Golden Tickets, Tune-Up Materials, and more!
  • In the milestones, you’ll obtain Cannonball Coyote  pieces, Golden Tickets, Gems, Tune-Up Materials, and more!

Campaign Highlights

This event will feature two Campaigns:

Featured Toons Campaign: “Climb Into The Cannon!”: Use this campaign to unlock toons needed for obtaining Cannonball Coyote: Grand Duke Sylvester, Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr., Contraptionist Egghead, and Hillbilly Hare.

Main Campaign: “Light The Fuse!”

  • Use the unlock team and Cannon Energy to UNLOCK Cannonball Coyote!
  • Farm for Safety Helmets, toon pieces, and other materials to RANK-UP and TUNE-UP Cannonball Coyote!
  • Safety Helmets can be used towards special event exchanges
  • Cannons are used on the “Unlock” AND “Rank Up” Chapters of the “Light The Fuse!” campaign.

This event also features the “Circus Cannon Carnie” questline: Power up Cannonball Coyote to receive up to Cosmic Star 5!

Featured Toons:

Cannonball Coyote

Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr.

Grand Duke Sylvester

General Pandemonium

Contraptionist Egghead

Hillbilly Hare

Dr. Killpatient


Featured Event Exchanges:

ContentCostPurchase Limit
14 Cannonball Coyote Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
18 Grand Dukeling Sylvester Jr. Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
154 Grand Duke Sylvester Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
49 General Pandemonium Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
47 Contraptionist Egghead Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
54 Hillbilly Hare Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
54 Dr. Killpatient Pieces300 Safety Helmets1000
100 Fine Dynamite300 Safety Helmets5
400 Dynamite300 Safety Helmets5
20 Fine Anvils300 Safety Helmets25
50 Anvil300 Safety Helmets25
35 Ultimate XP Potions300 Safety Helmets1000
100 Secret Stuff500 Safety Helmets(increases by 50 each purchase, ends at 950)10
1 Cannon Energy165 Safety Helmets5
30 Cannonball Coyote Pieces10 Crests of Mayhem50
100 Cannonball Coyote Pieces100 Battle Badges10