This week’s Team Spotlight focuses on the Hunters Team! The Hunters utilize high amounts of Lifesteal and Hidden while dealing tons of damage through Max Health % Damage and Piercing! Quite the lethal team!

Venture into the “Team Spotlight: Hunters!” Campaign to use and master this great lineup and add it to your roster!

Event Duration: 3 Days

This Team Features:

-Major Canasta
-Outback Dawg
-Van Wile
-Contraptionist Egghead

Spotlight Details:

-Trade Golden Tickets for Black Tickets through event exchanges!

-Use Black Tickets on the “Spotlight” Wheel to earn “Team Spotlight: Hunters” pieces.

-Redeem PREMIUM Quest Rewards for spinning the Spotlight Wheel, now including DIRECT COSMIC STAR PROMOTIONS!

-Practice using your team through battles in a mini-campaign and grab some Tune-Up Tickets and XP Potions in the process!

Avalooney Regional Event + Cosmic Side Event

Come explore the World of Mayhem’s hidden treasures with the regional Avalooney Toons to obtain special event materials used in exchanges for Avalooney Toon Pieces, Avalooney Tune-Up materials, and more!

General Highlights:

Min Level: 40 

Event Duration: 4 Days 

-One Avalooney Campaign

-One Cosmic Stars Farm Campaign 

-One Avalooney Tournament 

-One Event Wheel 

This event will feature one main Avalooney! Campaign where players can collect Shovels used in exchanges for materials needed to level up, tune up, and rank up your Avalooney Toons as well as exchanges for Avalooney Toon Pieces. A side Cosmic Avalooney Event gives players the opportunity to participate in a Cosmic Stars Campaign featuring Elmer the Sure, Grand Duke Sylvester, Marvin the Marvelous, and Alchemist Frankenbeans to play up for Cosmic Star 6! 

The Avalooney Tournament also gives additional opportunities to get special regional materials, gold, and XP! 

Featured Exchanges:

  • Marvin the Marvelous
  • Aclhemist Frankenbeans
  • Grand Duke Sylvester
  • Elmer the Sure
  • Jester Bugs
  • Gossamer
  • Chamberlain Porky
  • Pepe Le Bard
  • Witch Hazel
  • Devil Dog
  • Handmaiden Granny
  • Sylvester the Brash
  • Royal Page Coyote
  • Countess Penelope (Crests Exchange)
  • Grand Dukeling Sylvester (Crests Exchange)
  • Fair Lady Melissa (Crests Exchange)