What’s up doc!

We are ready to share more details on Alliance Punch In, a new alliance feature that will give you and your alliance mates rewards daily and will replace the Alliance Crate. 

What is IT?

Alliance Punch In enables members of an Alliance to… Punch In daily to claim bonus rewards for everyone in their Alliance. The more players punch in on a daily basis, the better rewards everyone gets.

Juicy Rewards

Rewards increase, the more players that Punch In

Rewards include:

  • Campaign and Gadget Energy
  • Boost Cubes, Gems, as well as…
  • Special Boost Cubes when all 50 alliance members punch in
  • Rewards scale with player level, so that every player gets rewards appropriate for their level

Why are we doing this?

As you’ve seen with the introduction of Login Calendars, we believe that players that play every day should be rewarded in a straightforward and simple fashion. 

In addition, over the years, we have seen alliances form, grow and stay together, forming long-lasting bonds. We want to reward the effort these alliances have been putting in and want to incentivize more players to experience the fun of venturing into the World of Mayhem with more people.

With Punch In, we are expanding on the Login Calendar logic, and scaling it to the alliance level to deliver a rewarding experience for alliances that play every day.

Alliance crate events are ending

Being cognizant of the amount of effort and time the game is asking for on a daily basis, we are ending Alliance Crate to make room for the all-new Alliance Punch In events. 

We hope this change is a welcome one, since – in addition to the daily playtime saved – the amount, quality, and predictability of the Alliance Punch In rewards are significantly higher than the old Alliance Crate. 

When is it coming?

Alliance Punch In is going live shortly after 08/18

– LT:WoM team