What’s up, doc?

Our next Meet the Team post is here! In these post series, we bring you members of the development team and we ask them about their roles and favorite things about the game. Off we go!

Meet our Backend Developer, Flora

So what’s your role inside the team?

I have been working with the team for quite some time, for the last 4 years! I typically split my time between sharing the knowledge with our new hires, developing new features for the players, fixing bugs, and monitoring our system metrics. 

I like how my daily work life is never the same and how we always have new challenges when trying to bring to life the creative team’s ideas.

What is it that you love about the game and the franchise?

I loved watching Looney Tunes when I was a kid, and it has been great to rewatch a few episodes and have some laughs. I usually like watching the episodes where I can see the game characters and their original representations. I am always surprised by what our amazing Art team can create! The pranks are hilarious and really bring out the Looney Tunes feel.

What are you currently working on?

I guess I can’t spoil that yet, but recently I worked in the development of Cosmic Stars and had a blast testing my luck with the Supernova reatomizers.

If you were a toon, Who would you be and why?

I believe that I would be Tweety: I am a very tiny person, but sometimes I drink the secret potion (coffee) and can handle my problems better after evolving to a stronger (and better) version of Monster Tweety.

Flora and THE Kitty

What are your favorite toons in the game: 

I love the tiny ones: Tweety, Speedy Gonzalez, and Egghead. I also love Monster Tweety – it was developed for our first ACME event, and we built a huge hype over his release. Also have to mention She-Devil (pls, more variants!) and Taz, since they are the classics.

What are your favorite Team Compositions?

The teams changed a lot over those years, but I remember that we had a meta where AoE was the best, and I would just spam Bugs Bunny, Sam, Daffy Hood, and Miss Prissy. Pepe le Bard is also a big thing, so I like to have him in my teams.

But my main team is currently composed of Devil Dog, Ninja Ralph, Black Knight Sam and Cupid Elmer.

Tell us about some Funny/”oh-noes” development moments that you remember:

Oh boy, working with development teams is always a fun ride, sometimes we get the most unexpected errors. I remember one day when we were still in Beta and we had a new release being deployed. We thought everything was going well and decided to have a meeting to discuss a new feature. At the moment that we arrived in the conference room, some people opened their games to check their crates and noticed that all houses vanished from the World view. We had to rush back to the computers and fix the bug but had some laughs.

I have some good memories from the Global Launch day too. We were very anxious to see how our game would handle millions of players from all around the world, and even though we were scared, it was satisfying to finally go live.

Any other curious thing you want to tell the community – this is your moment to shine!

Game development is always hard and full of criticism, as players are the most vocal type of customers. But some of you guys know the game better than ourselves, which is pretty amazing and rewarding after so much hard work.

Thank you so much for all the support for over 2 years since our Global Launch. Your constructive criticism will keep helping us build a better game. 


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