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Meet Looney Gaming!

Ok, so what’s your YouTube channel all about?

Hello, my name is Mike, I started my Youtube channel in November 2019 after falling in love with the game. Looney Gaming is mostly about LTWOM. I post video’s showing my progress throughout events, including Alliance War battles. I like helping new players get started and giving advice on how to be more successful in all different areas of the World of Mayhem.

Why did you become a youtuber?

I became a Youtuber for all the fame and loot, of course!

The real answer is my niece loves watching YouTube and talked me into it. My new phone had a screen recorder built-in and I was playing LTWOM more than any other game. One day I tapped the record button and never looked back. I love making fun thumbnails and I’m currently working on adding a mic soon for live giveaways.

What’s that you like about World of Mayhem?

I grew up with Looney Tunes cartoons and loved watching the bad toons lose in epic ways. My favorite amusement park is Six Flags: Great Adventure which is all about roller coasters and Looney Tunes.

Bugs and Daffy have been a part of my life for a long time and when I saw World of Mayhem, I downloaded it right away. The first thing I liked was the art style of the game and the animations of the toons during battle. Then I got hooked right away on the gameplay and because I kept getting new toons to try with new special Attacks and Passives.

I liked trying different teams out and seeing how well those toons worked together with the other ones I had available. After I unlocked all the Common and Rare toons the game started to get a little bit easier to unlock more Epic ones during events.

I still don’t have all the toon’s but I have more than enough to keep me busy. Oh, I also love spinning the wheels, especially when they give me a Jackpot, lol.

Any top looney teams you wanna share with us?

My main team right now is Black Knight Sam, Devil Dog, Pepe Le Bard and Gossamer. I often replace Goss with Brash or another Villain like King Bugs when attacking crate’s. Lot’s of Defense Down and Attack Down mixed with Damage Over Time and Goss is there just incase DD lose’s his Taunt.

A fun Magic team is Witchdoctor Hazel, Valkyrie Bugs, Witch Hazel, and Merlin Sam or Black Night Sam. Witchdoctor Hazel has the passive “Spirit Tether” that gives all Magic allies up to 20% Attack and Witch Hazel gives all Magic allies Attack up for the first 3 turns!

The newest team I’m working on is Jester Bugs, Flamenco Prissy, Matador Bugs and Ninja Ralph. A Silence and Dodge team that keeps your enemies from using their Special attack’s and heal up whenever they dodge.

Anything you wanna add before you keep on creating?

Do what you love and love what you do.

Thank You for all the Subs, Likes and Comments.
Looney love’s ya, Peace

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