As King Daffy’s Path to Legendary rallies the new imperial theme, World of Mayhem prepares for invasion.

In this blog post, we’ll go through all changes that are coming to these toons in the following days.

  • Marvin
    • Ultimatum Dispatcher:
      • Deal 200% damage to target enemy.
        Warmup reduced from 4 to 2
    • P36 Space Modulator:
      • Deal 130% damage, Stunning them and gaining 2-5 Attack Up.
    • Super Coolant:
      • At the start of this toon’s turn, for each Attack Up on it, reduce the cooldown of Ultimatum Dispatcher by 1 with a 50% chance to gain Piercing Up.
    • Strength (Archetype Passive)
      • This toon has 30% more Attack.

Marvin is old design that couldn’t tango with new toons, but as the OG mastermind himself, we couldn’t let this stand. His damage output is now higher and faster, his Stun is guaranteed, and, most importantly, he no longer clears his Attack Up at the start of his turn. These changes should earn Marvin a place on the mastermind teams that he inspired.

  • Elmer Fudd
    • Pwotector Stance
      • Gain Taunt and 4 Defense Up for 2 turns, granting 3 Attack Up to all Hunter team members for 2 turns.
    • Hunting Season
      • Hunters on your team have +100% Lifesteal against rabbits and birds.
    • Pellet Spray
      • This toon’s attacks inflict 2 Defense Down for 2 turns.

By increasing the scaling of several abilities and widening the relevance of his debuffs, these changes should boost Elmer Fudd’s value, especially to hunter teams.

  • Professor Prissy
    • Attack +7.4%
    • Friendship: Imperial
      • This toon has +10% Attack, Defense, and Speed while any Imperial toon is in battle as an ally.
    • Revitalizing Relic
      • Heal your team for 130% Attack, flipping all Speed Down and granting 2 Heal Over Time.
    • Keep up
      • Deal 130% damage to target enemy, Stunning a random enemy and granting 3 Speed Up for 2 turns to the ally with the lowest Speed.

This counter to stall strategies is now a stronger healer and sports an (unreliable) Stun on an aggressive cooldown for utility.

  • Royal Page Coyote
    • Royal Safe
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, removing 20% Turn Meter.
    • Battle Preparations
      • Heal your team for 130% Attack, granting your team 2 Attack Up for 4 turns.
    • Royal Fireworks
      • Deals 125% damage to a random enemy 3x.
    • The King’s Tax
      • Grant all Turn Meter removed with Royal Safe to all imperial allies.

Originally designed to support King Bugs (then the only monarch in World of Mayhem), this common now facilitates imperial teams at large with the damage buffs and Turn Meter gasoline they love.

~ Leopold