Flash Quests have arrived to the World of Mayhem – this is a nifty way of getting even more goodies by playing the game. Complete quests every 8 hours to earn rewards for yourself and for your Alliance! 

Off we go!

Event Duration: 14 days, [8/26 – 9/2], [9/2 – 9/9]

Flash Quests Highlights: 

– Every 8 hours, three quests will appear that can be completed for rewards. You will have 8 hours to complete the quests before a new set of quests appear. These quests can be found in the new “FLASH QUESTS” tab.

– Occasionally, a bonus “Premium Flash Quest” will appear (on the “FLASH QUESTS TAB”) that you can complete doubling your rewards during that time. This will in no way prevent you from completing your normal Flash Quests during that time slot.

Alliance Flash Quests: (Runs Weekly, Wednesday -> Wednesday)

– Weekly Milestones: Completing your Flash Quests (described above) will also help your entire Alliance! 

– Each Flash Quest that an individual player completes will earn their alliance 1 point. 

– Collect enough points as an entire Alliance to earn Special Alliance Boost Cubes, Gold Medals, and Gold! 

NOTE: In order to reach the final milestone during the week your, Alliance will need an average of 40 members completing about 90% of their quests. The more people you have in your Alliance, and the more active your Alliance is, the easier this will be to hit the final milestone!  These Milestones can be found in the “Alliance Flash” tab of the Tournaments section.

Dev Notes:

The quests appear every 8 hours and are on a rotation that begins at 12:00pm Pacific Time in the USA (19:00 UTC). They rotate every 8 hours so that active players (and alliances) are rewarded. For those concerned about their own personal schedule or sleep schedules, please keep in mind that you can still complete all your quests with about a 15-hour gap, as long as you time it accordingly. Example:

– It’s the beginning of a new quest cycle, and you complete your 3 quests… Make note of when the next quests will appear (let’s say 8 hours from then).

– Return to the game 15 hours later, and the next set of quests will have 1 hour remaining on them. Complete those quests.

In the above scenario, you won’t miss any quests.

Here are some of the types of quests you can expect to see:

– Complete X brawl battles
– Collect X Toon Pieces – Rare or Greater
– Complete X Invasion battles.
– Collect X Superior Regional Material
– Collect X Illudium
– Start X toon tasks

That’s all Folks – We hope you enjoy these!