It’s Star-Pharaoh Marvin’s turn in the Path to Legendary spotlight, with an all-monsters team set to claw through his campaign, which means it’s time to punch up some key mastermind and monster toons.

In this blog post, we’ll go through all changes that are coming to these toons in the following days.


  • Star-Pharaoh Marvin
    • Cosmic Throne (New leadership skill)
      • While this toon is in battle, mastermind allies have +25% Piercing.

Dev Notes: As the leader of the nascent masterminds theme, Star-Pharaoh Marvin now buffs their signature mechanic: Piercing, or the ability to ignore a portion of the target’s Defense when dealing damage.

  • K’Chutha Sa’am (Rework)
    • Barbarian Bash (Basic Attack):
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, gaining 10% Turn Meter.
    • AAAARRRRGGGHHH (Passive)
      • Whenever this toon is hit while Taunting, it and the ally with the highest Attack gain 3 Attack Up, then reduce the cooldown of Klunkin Rage by 1.
    • Klunkin Rage (Activated)
      • Deal 140% damage to the target enemy, gaining Taunt for 2 turns.
    • Leader of the Klunkins (Passive)
      • Whenever this toon gains Taunt, gain 4 Defense Up for 2 turns plus 50% Turn Meter.
    • Defender of the Clan (Passive)
      • This toon has +100% Lifesteal while Taunting.
    • Aggressive Protector (Archetype Passive)
      • While Taunting, this toon has 25% more Defense and Attack.

Dev Notes: K’Chutha 2.0 features a tighter gameplay loop that no longer costs you tempo for executing correctly. By moving his Taunt to his main attack, cleaning up the cooldown reduction, replacing his archetype skill with something more relevant, and doubling his Lifesteal, we hope K’Chutha better fulfills his promise as a high-damage bruiser tank.


  • O’Pat (Rework)
    • Fairy Fingers (Basic Attack)
      • Deal 100% damage to target enemy, stealing 3 Stat Up.
    • Pot of Gold (Passive)
      • While this toon is in battle, each turn, a random enemy has the Pot of Gold. Toons who hit that enemy heal for 20% Max Health and gain Critical Chance Up for 2 turns.
    • Magic Shoes (Passive)
      • Whenever one or more team members gain Hidden, inflict all enemies with 4 Critical Defense Down.
    • Hoodwink (Activated)
      • Deal 155% damage to target enemy, Scrambling all Taunt and Hidden on the enemy team. Gain Hidden.
    • Immortal Mischief (Passive)
      • Whenever a team member lands a critical hit, grant all Hidden team members 10% Turn Meter.

Dev Notes: O’Pat was designed to be a fun mini-game Support for St. Patty’s Day, but the luck element wasn’t fun, the heals came too late in the fight, and monsters need a proper healer. Now O’Pat should facilitate the things monsters do, namely gain Hidden and deal crits.

Most importantly, the Pot of Gold no longer triggers on defeated enemies (when fights have often been decided and heals, even to full, have missed their most valuable window) but on all hits instead, offering a reduced — but more monsters-related — effect to compensate.

  • Vampire Ralph (Buff)
    • Attack: 235 (+7%)
    • Snack (Basic Attack)
      • Deal 110% damage to target enemy, stealing a Stat Up.
    • Lifedrinker (Passive)
      • While this toon is in battle, monster team members have +50% Lifesteal.
    • Bloodlust (Activated)
      • Deal 100% damage to all enemies.
    • Murder the Moonlight (Activated)
      • Grant this toon and all Support allies Hidden for 2 turns, then grant your team 2 Speed Up for 2 turns.
    • Mostly Immortal(Passive)
      • Once per battle, whenever this toon isn’t Hidden and falls below 50% Health, gain Hidden and 3 Heal Over Time for 2 turns.

Dev Notes: Once upon a time, Vampire Ralph anchored the monsters team with his signature Lifesteal aura. Times are a’changing, though, and this ability fell off, taking Vampire Ralph — and the viability of monsters at large — with it. In conjunction with O’Pat’s rework, we think a buff from +30% to +50% Lifesteal is sufficient to provide monsters with the sustain they need to keep chomping.

Additionally, we buffed Vampire’s Attack stat, replaced the variance on his AoE with something concrete and dependable, and allowed him to grant himself Hidden, in addition to his Support allies, for increased survivability.

  • Dr. Dawgstein (Buff)
    • Call Lightning (Basic Attack)
      • Deal 110% damage to target enemy. This attack is undodgeable.
    • Groundbreaking Science (Activated)
      • Deal 70% damage to all enemies, Stunning a random enemy.
    • Anatomical Knowledge (Activated)
      • Cleanse 2 debuffs from each team member (4 if they’re a monster), granting them Sure Critical.
    • Gory Harvest (Passive)
      • Whenever an ally lands a critical hit, grant it 3 Heal Over Time. If it’s a monster, grant it 20% Turn Meter.
    • Quicken the Blood (Passive)
      • Whenever a team member gains Stun, grant them 3 Speed Up for 2 turns.

Dev Notes: While not a monster himself (in fact, a mastermind!), Dr. Dawgstein reprises his role of buffing monsters, but does so now explicitly and to greater effect. We expect him to play like a Rare version of the new O’Pat but with anti-Stun utility.

~~~ Leopold